The Weekend Novelist Gets Inspired

by Jamie Brazil

Getting to know my “sister” Soul Mate  authors and reading the daily entries has become a favorite part of my day.   Last week I enjoyed hearing about those first novels.   We all have them tucked in drawers and closets, don’t we?

My first book was a mystery.  Sort of.  Armed with the “Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery,” I calculated that I was just 52 weeks away from a completed manuscript.   WRONG.

Several chapters in, I learned I had no business writing mystery.  Red herrings and cozy whodunits weren’t my thing.  And “Frieda, my crime solving antique dealer from the fictional town of Madrona Falls, Washington,” was outta gas and clueless. But she was something else, too.

Frieda was in love.

About 100 pages into the manuscript that will never see the light of day, I made a shocking discovery about myself: I was a romance writer.   Struggling through the basics of writing I cleaved to the romantic subplot that made sense.  In fact, the love story took over.  In the space of one afternoon, after I reluctantly chucked out the rummage sale murder, I embraced that love story.   Suddenly, my imagination was brimming with ideas for plots and characters.

I haven’t looked back.  Though I did return to Barnes & Noble and bought “The Weekend Novelist,” also by Robert Ray, and quickly finished a first draft in just a few months.

Like the above-mentioned Frieda, I love a tag sale in a church basement.  Ditto for flea markets, garage sales and white elephant tables.   In Prince Charming, Inc. my protagonist is a matchmaker by trade, but she carries a bright orange, ostrich-skin Hermes handbag bought… where else… a rummage sale.

The bag is similar to a European designer purse I bought this past summer.  At a yard sale, of course!  I’d love to share that story, and a picture, over at my blog:


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5 Responses to The Weekend Novelist Gets Inspired

  1. Hello fellow rummage saler! I used to love going with my mom on the weekends driving the back roads finding all the yard sales. We’d have a blast. And, I didn’t have to buy baby clothes for my son for the first three years.

  2. AM Bishop says:


    Woman! I just saw your novel posted on the Soul Mate Publishing website and their Facebook page. Congrats! Oh Happy Day!


  3. B.J. Scott says:

    Like you, one of my favorite things to do is go to yard sales, good will shops and antique stores. Looking for a bargin and hoping to find and undiscovered treasure.
    Great post btw

  4. Jamie Brazil says:

    Thanks, guys! Just got back today and checked email first. Oh happy day, indeed.


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