Learning to be Grateful

Am I thankful for my family, my good health and my publishing contract with Soul Mate Publishing? Well, of course I am! But with Thanksgiving only a couple days away, I realized I’m also thankful for the challenges of the past year.
It’s through difficult and trying circumstances that we access our inner strength and humility. The lessons we learn from these times help shape us into better mothers, wives, daughters, employees and writers.

Who wants to read a book without conflict? Boring, right? To me, life is the same. We all wish for happiness, but what value would it have if we never felt sorrow? If we didn’t encounter obstacles along our path to achievement, would we truly appreciate it?

So this year, in addition to all the wonderful phenomena in my life, I’m thankful for:

my daughter’s tonsillectomy

my husband’s surgeries

my rejection letters

my low contest scores

my children fighting

my battle of the bulge

None of the above experiences were pleasant, but the lessons I gained from them will last a lifetime. And I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for this year?

I wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

About Shelly Bell

Addicted to reading and writing, my first book, A YEAR TO REMEMBER, is available as an e-book through Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.The story follows the journey of a food addict on her road to recovery as she struggles to find and marry her soul mate within a year.
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4 Responses to Learning to be Grateful

  1. I’m grateful for my grandmothers. They both passed this fall, and I feel them every step of the way, still guiding me through their lesson about life and love.
    I’m grateful for my husband, my children, my faith.
    I’m grateful for my characters, who are dear friends, and my novels having found happy homes.
    I’m grateful for my SMP sisters.
    I’m also grateful to my 15# turkey defrosting in the frig. Isn’t it time to eat yet???

  2. That’s a lovely post! We have so many blessings & so much to be thankful for — including our new Soul Mate family of very special people.

  3. This is a great post.

    I’m grateful for the obvious things–the husband (who is fabulous) the kids (who show me how smart and funny they are, even when they’re being holy terrors), and the day job, which not only pays the bills, but I also really enjoy.

    I’m grateful for my publishing contract, and my fabulous friends. I’m grateful for the kick in the teeth I got earlier this year, because it showed me I can rise above it. It’s been a wild year, but it’s been worth it!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  4. I’m grateful for my gallbladder surgery and pancreatitis. Yeah, I know crazy right? Not really because it showed me who thought me to be important in their lives. Your family and friends who love you and cherish you shove their way through, even if only by phone. And I also learned what was important to me in my life and what needed to be made a priority and what didn’t really matter.

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