End of an Era

It’s the end of an era. Last week saw the end of soap opera One Life To Live.

I’ve been a soap opera fan since I was five years old when I’d rush home from school to watch General Hospital. Over the years, I’ve watch all of ABC’s daytime soaps and some soaps on CBS and NBC. I tried to schedule college classes around Days of Our Lives. Apparently, the love of soap operas is an inherited trait which began with my great grandmother who religiously watched General Hospital and rumor has it, died while watching.

Some speculate soaps will survive through the internet. In fact, new internet soaps are popping up every month. But they don’t have the same budget as traditional soap operas and the quality is circumspect at best. 

The same can be said for the publishing industry. In addition to traditional publishing, we now have access to numerous online publishers and self-published books. I don’t know about you, but I’ve read some poorly written and edited books this year. To educate myself, I’ve spent the last several months becoming familiar with the different electronic publishers. The quality varies between publishers and even editors within the publishing house. I’ve been extremely pleased with the high quality books released by Soul Mate Publishing.

It’s a new age we live in. I have five hundred television channels to choose from and nothing to watch. I have satellite radio and I still can’t find a song to listen to on my ride to work. I have too many choices.

Now as a writer, I have to encourage readers to trust that my book is worth five dollars. It’s a competitive market. Why should a reader buy my book over another?

On the bright side, I don’t have to sell as many copies of my book as a traditionally published writer. I’m not expecting my book to reach any bestseller’s list. I wrote my book for me. Having it published exceeded my expectations. Like the e-publishing houses, I believe that over time, a few choice internet soap operas will succeed in gaining popularity.

Until then, I’ll just have to read my romance novels.

About Shelly Bell

Addicted to reading and writing, my first book, A YEAR TO REMEMBER, is available as an e-book through Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.The story follows the journey of a food addict on her road to recovery as she struggles to find and marry her soul mate within a year.
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3 Responses to End of an Era

  1. Many well known actors got their start in soaps. It was a place to learn and hone their craft.

  2. Brava! I wrote my book for me and any wonderful readers who can find it! LOL. You’re right: too many choices and too many bad ones. Here’s to quality, and here’s to following the beat of your own drummer. Rata-tat-tat–to writing!

  3. Jamie Brazil says:

    Good post, Shelly. Like the soaps, our industry is going through a massive cycle. But great stories — like yours — will always have an audience. I’ve wondered if this cycle will have the same velocity five years from now. Will there still be 80,000 e-books being released every month? Or will all the closets and drawers have been emptied of abandoned manuscripts (published online) — with only ‘new’ material making it to the next wave of digital publishing? Say, only 40,000 new titles a month? I hope I’m making sense here.

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