Writer Schedules

Writers have very busy lives, and it becomes quite difficult to balance day jobs, family and friend responsibilities, and making sure there is still time left over to get in quality writing. That doesn’t even include time for promoting, blogging, hosting other authors, building your platform which has become crucial to an author’s success, and plotting out the next WIP before you’re done finishing your current project.
What I’ve found to really help accomplish what I need to do and still get my writing time in is to set goals for myself. Realistically, I know I can get a rough draft done for a full-length novel in 4-5 months, I’d like to cut that time in half, but I’m a busy gal, so that’s not likely to happen. Word count expectations are crucial in meeting that goal of having a full-length draft completed in my alloted set amount of time, so every week I do my darndest to meet that goal, and I always have a handy notepad near to jot down ideas for future projects.
What does everyone see as their achievable goals in completing rough drafts for their projects, is it normal to give myself a due date for what I’m currently working on?

Here’s a picture I took on the fly for my amazon author page:

About mandicasey

I'm a paranormal romance author. My newest release, Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick, is coming soon with Soul Mate Publishing.
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3 Responses to Writer Schedules

  1. Cheryl Yeko says:

    Hi Mandi! I’m still struggling with a “schedule.” I just kinda write when the feeling hits me. I’ve learned I can’t force it. So it hard to set a schedule.

    Fortunately, the writing feeling hits me ‘a lot.’ I’m hoping to have my current WIP done by the end of winter.

    Nice Post. I look forward to meeting you at WisRWA!


  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    A critique partner helps keep me on task!

  3. I think every writer has his/her own schedule and if you can write one book a year, you’ve got 40 titles coming. Just keep writing!

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