Beware! This Blog Post Stinks!

One of the best things about being a writer is that our imaginations constantly seek out images, snippets of conversation, and tactile thrills.  Anything that can be repackaged and cleverly peddled to the page is fair game.  When it comes to writing fiction, the olfactory is often underutilized. 

Sure, there’s always the delicate perfume of a rose or the lure of the hero’s musk.  Descriptive scents add depth to a story… but sometimes they just STINK.    

Last summer, I mentally logged a stranger’s reaction to dog funk as I opened my car door.  Though the hound was at home, the stranger choked a little, then staggered when the upholstery odor assaulted his nostrils (or maybe it was a forgotten chew bone wedged under a seat?).

Note to self: always crack the windows.

Note to readers: my car usually smells much better.

Stink causes motional responses.  So let’s give our characters more depth and humanity through stench.  A cheap cigar.  Sweaty gym socks.  Burning hair on a curling iron.  A misstep in a dog turd.  Curdled milk! 

So don’t just stop to smell the roses.  Let’s make our writing stink!  And please, let me know what scents get to you! 

 ***Jamie Brazil is the author of Prince Charming, Inc. (Soul Mate Publishing, 2011).  She enjoys both reading and writing stinky fiction!  Excerpt: The mélange of squalor and desperation, mixed with the smell of chemical toilets and cotton candy, presented a fetid world to Elyse.  She felt sick.  With excitement.  Under all the dust, noise, and stench were possibilities. 





About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.
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14 Responses to Beware! This Blog Post Stinks!

  1. One of my favorite words: miasma. (I live with boys and dogs…) 🙂

  2. Susan Muller says:

    Hey, my dog weighs 130 pounds. Despite his size, he has a delicate stomach. Fortunately, we discovered that Lamb and Rice formula dog food is easily digested. Still, he can clear a room in nothing flat. Everyone in the room holds their breath while madly waving pillows or papers.

    Good thing he’s so lovable.

  3. I love it, Jamie!

    In The Marker, one of my characters reeks of desperation, cheap tobacco and equally cheap booze. So, yeah, let’s make our worlds stink!

  4. Mandi Casey says:

    Fun post! My leading lady just had the tip of her ponytail singed when a fire demon threw a ball of flames at her. She’s not happy smelling her burned hair, lol

  5. Casey Wyatt says:

    ROFL!! Dog funk! Love it Jamie!

  6. jannashay says:

    I have two boys who are a year apart. They love to share their room with the dog. When entering the “war zone” as I love to call their room, one has to hold their breath. Needless to say they are an inspiration.

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