Let Me Entertain You

If you’re a certain age, the phrase, “let me entertain you” might evoke a certain song.

Anyone hear that tune in their head now?

Let me make you smile.

I was very lucky to have a mother who loved musical theatre and who took the time to share that love with me.

I grew up listening to Rogers & Hammerstein classics like “The Sound of Music”, “South Pacific” and “The King and I.” For years, the songs and the stories they told lived in my head in pure musical form. The only guide I had to the action in the story was the jacket of the record (you know those flat, vinyl relics that you can find in the back of Newbury Comics).

By the time I was ten or eleven, she started taking me to see local productions at colleges and theatres.

I remember “The Pajama Game” (seven and half cents!)


The sun will come out tomorrow – Annie!


Funny Girl  – Don’t Rain on My Parade


And my beloved Gypsy.  Have an eggroll Mr. Goldstone! My father nearly had a stroke. He thought I was too young for such racy fare!


In fact, I can associate the whole of my childhood to music in one form or another! And not just from theatre. How about Grease?


In junior high and high school, I learned to appreciate movie soundtracks too. Once I had children of my own, Disney had popularized the musical for the big screen again. I had more music for the soundtrack in my head!


Maybe that’s why, when I’m brainstorming, I plug-in my ear buds and listen to songs. So who has half a dozen songs running through their mind now? Did I make you smile? I hope so.

Tell me what music plays to the soundtrack of your life?

About Casey Wyatt

Writer of PNR/UF, Doctor Who fangirl & collector of stray cats, visit me @ www.caseywyatt.com or instagram @caseywyattbooks
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22 Responses to Let Me Entertain You

  1. revrosevan says:

    Once again, our Twin-ness shines through. My mom and I used to watch the big splashy MGM musicals on TV, which is, I think, where my love of musical theatre began. And I was a theatre major in college and still do theatre now. Just last night, while I had dinner with a dear friend and talked theatre, I told her I dream of doing a musical again sometime. I haven’t done one since high school! But the great thing about a musical is that it gets in your head (and heart) and doesn’t let go.

    Thanks for another great post, Casey! 😉

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      I was in drama club all through Junior High and High School. I loved it. Except the years we had musicals, because even though I love them, I can’t sing all that well. So no main parts for me in those years, but it was all for the good of the show! I’ve been humming showtunes all day. Love it!

  2. My daughter and mother love these movies/productions. I guess it skipped a generation though I enjoy watching them enjoy. Lovely post, Casey.

  3. Jamie Brazil says:

    My mom took me to Zorba the Greek with Anthony Quinn. And who could forget GREASE?
    My current DVD favorites, to my husband’s horror, are Burlesque and Mama Mia 🙂 Thanks for a great post, Casey!

  4. Susan Muller says:

    Thanks for a fun post. You have me humming. The dog is looking at me like I’m crazy, but he has a tin ear.

  5. diannefarb says:

    I too grew up with musicals (and ballet and symphonies). My mother, sister and I loved Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelley and Cyd Charise, Donald O’Conner, Debbie Reynolds, the list goes on and on. We saw South Pacific and Anything Goes on stage. We watched the same MGM musicals on TV. Some of our favorites were The King and I (Shall We Dance), Fiddler on the Roof (If I were a Rich Man), Funny Girl (Don’t Rain on My Parade), and Singing in the Rain (Singing in the Rain). Wow! Great post. This has brought so many memories flooding back.

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      Thanks Dianne. I had a similar memory trip while writing the post. It was like this entire era of my life came rushing back to me. Especially when I realized how many musicals, I’ve watched either on TV, in the movies or live. The last stage musical I saw was The Lion King. My mother took me for my birthday a few years back. After intermission, when they sing while walking down the aisle, I had goosebumps.

  6. Oh oh oh! I love musicals! Love them! I’ll watch a good musical any day. Chicago was the last best musical. Haven’t really enjoyed anything more recent than that. But give me the old musicals any day!

  7. Grease! But I also loved (and still do) My Fair Lady. “All I want is a room somewhere…far away from the cold night air!”

    Great memories! Thanks, Tracy

  8. Grease hands down. But I love Cats and Fiddler on the Roof too.

  9. jannashay says:

    I love musicals. My Fair Lady is a favorite but I’m with Jamie Brazil.
    I love Burlesque and Mama Mia!.
    Great post.

  10. B.J. Scott says:

    Still love the classics. King and I is one I have fond memories of since my son was in a local theater production of this play and the songs are imprinted on my brain

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      Yes! That is the word I’ve been searching for – imprint! All you had to say was the King and I, and now, I can hear all the songs running through my brain!

  11. Jo Smith says:

    OK what memories does the Musical (?) your seeing in the near future bring, Stomp????
    Can’t believe you left it out!

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