There are so many things happening in my life right now, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find the time to blog. Then I thought about the commitment I made to the SMP authors group to post, and made sure I found the time. But I had a hard time deciding what subject to blog about.

I thought about writing something on the enormous amount of time marketing and promoting takes out of a writer’s day, but since we all have to deal with it, I didn’t want to remind everyone of those tribulations. Then I thought I might write about the difficulty I’m having with hackers, hypocrites, and just plain rude people, but you probably have faced those obstacles also.

So I finally decided to write about something upbeat and tell you all about the great people who have befriended me.

When I first embarked on this journey of becoming a published author, I knew I’d meet other writers and would develop working relationships. I had no idea that I would build a rapport with people whom I would find lasting, meaningful friendships. I have encountered wonderful people who have gone above and beyond the norm to extend me their friendship. These are unique individuals who have overwhelmed me with their thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity. Their benevolence is something I will always remember.

In the short amount of time we have met, we have found an affinity which bridges the miles between us. These friendships continue to grow, and I’m sure they will deepen as time goes on. I feel very honored to have found my friends in the cyber world and hope in the near future to be able to meet them in the physical world as well. Until we can share good times together, we will have to continue to raise our glasses to each other in cyberspace.

As I proceed with my jaunt through the literary world, I hope to build many more outstanding friendships, as I can never have too many friends. So to all my cyber friends, literary friends, good friends, and yet to meet friends – here’s to you.


About jannashay

Author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Professional Reviewer InD'tale Magazine, Editor-in-chief Jules-Faulkner Publishing LLC, and tour host. Visit me at - Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads - Romance Novel Center
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12 Responses to Friendships

  1. Great post Janna! I raise my glass to you as well!
    Ignore the rude people, whoever they are. They are just jealous of your accomplishments. 🙂

    • jannashay says:

      Hi Angela. I try to ignore the rudeness, because I think they need friendship the most.
      Thank you for stopping by and raising a glass to me, my friend. Cheers.

  2. YOU are a dear woman, and I consider you a friend. Great post. 🙂 Cheers.

  3. Jamie Brazil says:

    A perfect and positive way to start the week, Janna! LOVE this post!

  4. revrosevan says:

    Glad you decided to focus on the positives, Janna! I agree with Angela–those negative nellies are usually just jealous.

    I am amazed at the wonderful friendships I’ve forged through my writing work. Here’s to all of us and to all of our great friends! 🙂

    • jannashay says:

      Hi Rose. In spite of the negativity, I always try to find the good in others.
      I couldn’t agree more that through writing many wonderful friendships have been forged.
      Well said, my friend. My glass is raised high – cheers.

  5. Very sweet, Janna! Friendship & love rule. Hugs to you!

  6. jannashay says:

    Hi Karen. You’re so right – friendship and love rule. Thank you for stopping by and giving me hugs. I always like getting hugs from a friend. Cheers!

  7. AM Bishop says:

    I know I’m late to the party but I loved your post and I’m SO glad you’re here. 😀

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