Writing Amidst Distraction

Can you write at home or do you need… “No, you can’t have ice cream before dinner.” Umm, where was I? Do you need to plug in to an MP3? Do you need to actually remove yourself… “You do not need to ask me if you can use the bathroom.” (huff) Do you need to go to a completely different location?

Does this sound familiar? I can write with distractions as long as I know what the distractions will be. If you know what it is it’s not really a distraction, you say. Ah, but it is. There are many types of distractions. Some we even impose on ourselves.

The Known Distraction:

This is the white noise of life. Things we know will be around no matter what we do. The chatter of our children, mutters of our spouses, a barking dog or the neighbor’s lawnmower can become a background symphony we don’t even notice. I have been known to take my computer to work and click away during a myriad of conversations; some even directed at me, so I was told later. Point being, I heard but didn’t listen.

The Unknown Distraction:

Nothing peeves me more than when I’ve sat down at my computer, coffee beside me and playlist at the ready, than being called to ‘come look at this, it’s cool.’ Can’t it wait? Five minutes later a shadow lurking at my side stills my fingers (and my imagination) only to be asked if we have any more milk. Somehow, I think they can open the fridge door as well as I. So the new rule in the house is; if I have my ear-buds in, you do NOT bother me. (chuckle) I might not even be listening to music, just silence. Blessed silence.

The Self-imposed Distraction:

Just as the lawnmower can be a ‘white noise’ distraction, it can also be the loudest thing you’ve ever heard. My neighbor loves his leaf-blower. It starts about nine AM and doesn’t let up for (and I’ve timed it) three and a half HOURS! Seriously? I watched him once. He stood at the end of his drive and waved it back and forth watching the leaves scatter left then right. Argh! Then theirs my perfect playlist that it just NOT cutting it today. Did I really add that stupid song? On days like this, you may as well forget getting any productive writing done. Your head is not in the right place. Find something else to do for a while until you can focus.

I find that house full of undone chores distracts me as well, but not as much as it used to. Being signed to a publishing house has quieted the screams of the dust bunnies. Ah, thank you Soul Mate Publishing.


About Raven Raye

I am a newly divorced Author/Radiation Therapist with two kids. I volunteer at a local cat shelter and have 3 of my own; one of which is a special needs. I live in the greater Houston area, but one day I'm going to move where they have more than one (summer) season.
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14 Responses to Writing Amidst Distraction

  1. Your post gave me a nice smile to start the day. Thanks.

  2. I say, prop your chin in your hand and daydream. That might help.

  3. Jan Nash says:

    “quieted the screams of dust bunnies.” LOVE IT! I wish I just had an on/off switch. Not quite sure where I’d put it though…Hehehe!

  4. Great Monday post! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Karen

  5. ravenraye says:

    Thanks, Karen. Thanks for stopping.

  6. jannashay says:

    Great post. It started my day with a smile. All of your distractions are so familiar to me. I’ve learned, out of necessity, to write, stop for the distractions, then get back to writing. Maybe that’s why I have to do so much editing.

  7. ravenraye says:

    Thanks, Janna. It has gotten easier to write without so many stops since my lay-off. I’m only working part-time now. Leaves lots more time for writing… or web-surfing. LOL

  8. Great post! Love your tone. Now I better go mop that floor. 😉

  9. ravenraye says:

    No! If you put the head-phones in you can’t hear the dust-bunnies. lol, Thanks for commenting, Ann.

  10. kendrajames4 says:

    Distractions, distractions. I meant to be here earlier, but distractions kept me away. Enjoyed the post.

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