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This week one of our fellow SMP authors Callie Hutton posted pictures of Actors and Actresses that she would like to see play her characters should her book, Angel in the Mail, ever be made into a movie. It was great to see who she thought would be a good fit for her characters and I totally agreed with her choices (Rachel McAdams? PERFECT!). That got me thinking, who would I like to play the characters in my book Love by the Book? Who indeed.

When I am writing a manuscript for a book I completely visualize the scene in front of me as if it was already a movie. If I’m not sure about a line or a scene in the book I’ll actually act it out with someone to see if it works. I wonder how many other writers do this as well. Is it common practice to visualize it as a movie and act out parts of your WIP to see if it works? Or am I completely crazy?

To give you a little background, I took several years of drama and acting lessons and when I say several years I mean from the time I was very young to just a couple of years ago. I’m not going to tell you the exact number of years J but it’s in the 20 year range. My entire childhood whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered without hesitation “A movie star”.

I read and memorized plays, television scripts and movie scripts and I acted all of them out either in front of a class or in front of a room of theatre attendees, very rarely in front of a camera and no not one that ever aired on television or the big screen. I love acting more than anything else in the world, there is nothing like pulling on another character and being that person for a short time. Are you wondering why I’m not in plays now? Well I have this little issue. I have no problems acting in front of a camera, that is not an problem at all, but put me on a stage in front of an audience and I can’t breathe anymore.

I’m not sure when this severe stage fright started. All I know is if I have to go on a stage to play a part I freeze. Which is quite ironic that my day job entails me to teach a classroom full of teachers, principals, vice principals and office staff and I have no issue with it whatsoever but try and get me on a stage … not going to happen 🙂 And why am I not pursuing an acting career in Hollywood you ask? Well, acting is a tough business to crack into and unfortunately the bills don’t get paid when you’re only auditioning. Therefore until I win the lottery I’ll have to be content to watch other talented people on the screen.

Anyway I digress, writing is also a huge passion of mine, but it plays right into acting doesn’t it? Don’t writers get to live in a different world like actors just in a different way? Yes we do. Not only do I, as the writer, get to determine what the story is about but I also get to live in that world for as long as it takes to write the story. I eat, live and breathe those characters until I finally let them go and write The End same goes for an actor that has to play a role.

So back to the first question, who would I want to play the main characters of Love by the Book?

Well for Jack Taylor I would have to say Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg picture

Why him? Because Jack Taylor is an intelligent, handsome, well put together man with one hell of a sense of humour. I can see Mark Wahlberg play this role with precision. Not only does he have the intelligent and handsome part down (without a doubt!) but he is quite humorous and honestly I could listen to his voice all day. Jack also gets hurt a lot so it would have to be someone that could play a physical part and we all know Mark Wahlberg can play physical roles.

As for Jennifer Taylor who would I have play her character? I have a pretty good idea who I would have play that role…:)


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I am a published author that writes contemporary romantic comedy. I also love to promote other authors.
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3 Responses to Books and Movies

  1. jannashay says:

    You’re so right. When I write a story I totally live in that story until I’m finally done.
    Love your choice for Jack. Mark Wahlberg would be perfect, and I have a feeling that your choice for Jennifer would be also. I’d love to see that movie.
    Great post.

  2. Angela-great pick. That’s what I love about writing. I get to play pretend all over again.

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