Positive versus Negative

Early in May I was contacted by the Tulsa Area Writers Group to speak. Silently praying that Thunder NBA would not be hosting a game that night. (They didn’t, it was in Miami, but that’s another story). Anyway, I accepted, embraced the unexpected opportunity. The person who contacted me was lovely. She is writing a memoir and insists she has a romance novel dying to get written. She was very professional and I truly appreciated her efforts in locating me. After all, I am newly published—through SMP, TWRP and self-published.

I asked her how many individuals she was expecting. She said close to thirty, possibly fifteen. She would let me know closer to the date. As it turns out, there were three. Yes, three. However, the three that attended, not only made me feel welcome, but asked very pointed questions regarding “Pitching,” “Marketing,” “Networking,” “Conference-attending,” etc.

What I found was that I was able to field the questions confidently, with knowledge and personal experiences that I hope will help these wonderful people in their writing endeavors. I also embraced the opportunity to understand some of others individual fears.  One woman had always heard about pitching but didn’t quite understand the concept. Those of us who have been writing and attending workshops, etc., understand very well. How intimidating, nerve-wracking, and basically, how finely-tuned a pitch should be so as not to turn off a potential editor or agent.

So while I only spoke to three people, I feel I spoke to three people who were very interested and could use my experiences to further their own accomplishments and goals.

I will never consider the opportunity a waste of time. As I am still able to put it on my writing resume. And I still furthered my abilities in speaking in front of others on a subject of which I am passionate. That alone, was worth the hour-long drive. And I would do it again, and again, and again. . .


About Kathy L Wheeler

I love the NFL, the NBA, Jazzercise, reading, writing, and singing karaoke. I used to be a computer programmer by trade, but now am a small business consultant for employee benefits, and love, meeting new, and hanging with friends. Life is good.
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5 Responses to Positive versus Negative

  1. darcyflynn says:

    So great to look at the positive! When my neighbor,a country music star from the early nineties, has a small turnout at one of her gigs, she tells them, ‘you’re small, but mighty’. And then she sings like it’s a packed house!

  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    What a great opportunity to get out there. I’m proud of you!

  3. ravenraye says:

    That is so awesome. No matter how many or how few we speak to, the opportunity changes us for the better. Great post.


  4. They were so gracious, I just felt i had to acknowledge their support. They made me feel terrific.

  5. jannashay says:

    The numbers don’t make a difference. Even if one person was interested, then the effort you put forth was well worth it. I think it’s wonderful that you were willing to help others with your knowledge.
    Great post.

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