A good title captures your attention and entices you to read the book. A great title steals your breath away and sears into your memory.

How do you create that perfect title? Listen to your story. You will discover phrases, lines, sometimes even a single word to capture the essence of your novel. List all your ideas and select the one that sings to you.

Just remember it’s not carved in stone. Maybe an even better title will present itself as you write, so consider it a working title. Keep your list of possible titles and add to it. You never know when an editor requests you retitle. Perhaps they are publishing another book with Texas or Moon or Shadow that month. Whatever the reason, keep your mind open to new possibilities.

Weave your title into the storyline. So what if the title changes? Weave the new one in as well, though you might discover it already exists somewhere on those pages, teasing, and tantalizing in words you’ve already created.

Soul Mate Publishing releases the third CupidKey novel this month. It’s titled HIGHWAY to LOVE. Yep, new title and much better than the contracted title Cupid Escapes. Book four title is now RENEGADE MOON, a perfect fit for an intrigue set in the high desert of New Mexico. That novel’s gone through at least four title changes.

Don’t be afraid to play with your titles, because titles are the magic to enchant readers to read your story. Generally shorter is better to grab a readers attention. Plus it leaves more room for your byline bigger on the cover. 🙂

One word titles star in the title world. If you can capture the essence of your novel in a word – go for it!

Occasionally a title screams at you and insists it belongs on your book. Wild West Cupid, book two of the CupidKey series and the novel my fantastic Texas co-writer, Ann M. House, came aboard did that to us. It claimed the title spot and kept it. Yet, book one, That Carrington Magic received title honors only after numerous other titles lost the race.

Listen to your story, listen to your heart, and the title destined for your book will appear.

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4 Responses to THE MAGIC OF TITLES

  1. jannashay says:

    The title of a book is very important. The first thing I notice on a book is its title. If it captures my attention, then I read the book blurb.
    Great post.

  2. Janna, thanks. I love titles. They’re the fun part. 😉

  3. Bonnie K. Winn says:

    Karen, Great blog! You bring the magic of your writing into your blogs. And, I learned so much about creating a title in all the best ways. You’re so right — the title has to sing – to the author and the readers. Keep up the magnificent work!

  4. Thanks for the link Karen. Yes, very true. A title is a working title until the end. Thanks for your thoughts. Cool article!

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