Happily Ever After and Why the Romance Genre Is So Enticing

I took a vacation recently. More specifically, I went to a secluded lake house in North Carolina where there were no planes passing over my head, honking cars or deafening police sirens. It was peaceful, quiet, and entirely made for a little romance. But something put a kink in my amorous plans. What was it?

It was the tabloids and the gut-wrenching demise of America’s favorite vampire couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I couldn’t get away from it. It was everywhere. I mean everywhere! Pictures of her and a guy who is not our beloved Edward graced every magazine cover I passed. And I had just wanted to pick up some bottled water; not be confronted with love torn apart! But, of course, I grabbed up one of these tabloids and sat it down by the register along with my l’eau minerale. And before I even left the parking lot, I whipped out the magazine to devour all the information of this sad situation. I read the text then studied the pictures. There were no pics of our hunky vampire because he was in hiding amid reports that he moved out of the home they shared and never wants to see her again. One picture showed a very distraught-looking Stewart seemingly wiping a tear away as she stumbled down the road. Pain-stricken apologies were publicly made, hours of analysis performed over why the girl who had it all decided to throw it all away. I couldn’t get over the fact that love all too often doesn’t, well, survive. Much like the victim of a vampire bite.

And on what could be a romantic holiday, I was faced with love never surviving, versus happily ever after. So, what did I do?

I picked up a romance novel. To be included in the Romance Genre, it is required that the story end with a happily ever after. Period. If the hero and heroine do not get together in the end, it is not a Romance. You can send them to Hell and back (literally), put vast oceans between them, even have one believed to be dead; but in the end, they must get together.

That’s the beauty of Romance, isn’t it? Don’t we want that happily ever after even when we too often don’t see it in real life? Don’t experience it ourselves? I know I do. When my parents divorced when I was 16, I couldn’t read a book that didn’t have a happy ending. I had my own sadness to overcome; I didn’t need to read about someone else’s. And I turned to Romance, knowing that, in the end, it would all be okay. It saved my teenage years and it will save my lake-side vacation.

Because we all need and deserve a happily ever after, even if we can only read about it in a book.

So, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, if I were writing your story, I’d have you both go your own ways for the next five years. Kristen would flip from one failed romance to another. Robert would find a new love, but she would never be ‘the one’. They would never cross paths but their hearts and minds would always be pulled back to the time right before the Breaking Dawn press tour, when, for a brief moment before it was all torn apart, it was perfect. And I would have a chance meeting that would somehow lure them to an isolated lake house where there was no power; the only light being the twinkling stars, the luminous moon and the orange flares of a fire in the fireplace. Here they would reunite and begin their happily ever after.  Who knows? Maybe that’s written in their cards.

Cheers! Tracy


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4 Responses to Happily Ever After and Why the Romance Genre Is So Enticing

  1. Great post!

    The main reason I love romance is because of that happy ending. A long time ago, I stopped reading to be depressed. After all, these days if I want to be depressed, I’ll listen to music and watch the news!

    So maybe you’re right–maybe in five years, our favorite vampire couple will find a way back to one another. 🙂

  2. jannashay says:

    Great post. Unfortunately, you’re right. We don’t see happily ever after in real life often enough. Because we deal with the ups and downs of real life with no guarantee of happily ever after, we turn to romance novels to escape the harsh realities and transport us to a world where we know, no matter what the protagonists in the novels go through, they will reach a happily ever after.

  3. Have you noticed how many romance writers find it? Must be something in loving that genre that sticks to the heart.

  4. AM Bishop says:

    Great post Tracy. I’m thinking there’s a novella here. 🙂

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