Step Back In Time

It’s Friday! Yay! Casey Wyatt here.

Because I am triple blogging today, I thought I would share some photos from one of my favorite places to visit here in New England – Old Sturbridge Village. The village is an early 1800’s living history museum located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

The first time I ever went there was for a 5th grade class field trip. I’m sure we all remember those. A bunch of mostly bored school kids, just biding their time until they could raid the gift shop. My most vivid memory of that trip was the the Old English Black pigs and my mom (who was chaperoning) constantly pulling this one boy – Dominic  – away from all bodies of water.

Another fond memory – I convince my soon to be husband to go to the village with me, in hopes that he will fall under its spell and want to return many times.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened. We were walking through the lovely town green . . .

And he looks around at all the historic buildings and says jokingly, “So where is Ye Olde Whorehouse?” Okaaay. I still tease him about that comment.

Needless to say, he indulged me for a few years while the boys were young, then begged off any more visits to OSV. A dark day for me…

Anyone recognize this image?

But not all hope was lost. Younger son enjoyed the village as must as me. Joy!

We have visited the village together at least once a year for the last six years. Two years ago, we became members. And now we go several times a year.

Most recently we attended their sixth annual Redcoats and Rebels event. The largest Revolutionary reenactment in the United States. To see more pictures of the event visit me here.

Younger son is sixteen and so far he still wants to go places with me. I know someday, sooner than I would like, he will move onto the next phase of his life. But until then, I’m savoring every visit.

How about you? What is your favorite place to make memories? And who do you like to spend time with?

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16 Responses to Step Back In Time

  1. Great post!
    My favorite place to make memories is Letchworth State Park in NY. I also enjoy the Redwoods National Forest in CA and Laguna Beach in CA. These are places where my little family loves to enjoy nature and spend quality time with one another. We love swimming and cycling, and eating ice cream. 🙂

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      I would love to visit the Redwoods. Hubby went there on a business trip and I’ve always been jealous. All those places sound wonderful. I’ve always wanted to travel down the Pacific Coast Highway too. I’ve been to CA once – San Diego and it was beautiful.

  2. darcyflynn says:

    This is my kind of summer trip! The photos remind me so much of Colonial Williamsburg. My son just graduated from William and Mary and I’m going to miss visiting there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome post!

    My little family likes to go to Virginia City (Chewy likes the gun fights–such a boy), where we go panning for gold, take a train ride, and can go on a mine tour. Yes, we’ve done all of these things before. It’s fun every time.

    And I’m with Ann–Redwoods National Forest is fantastic!

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      Virginia City sounds right up my alley. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit all the living history museums around the country. One place I haven’t mentioned, which is ironic since it’s in Mystic, is Mystic Seaport. It’s a 19th century whaling village complete with tall ships. That place is fun too.

  4. It definitely is an awesome post. Visited there many years ago and forgot how wonderful it was. Seeing these pictures really took me back to that time as well as to the years gone by. I must visit again. And if anyone is in the NYS area of Rochester, Genesse Village is very similar and is well worth visiting.

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      Thanks for the tip about Genesse Village. That sounds awesome too. One of these years, I’m going to Historic Deerfield Village. It’s right down the street from the Yankee Candle flagship store in Deerfield MA. It’s a colonial town, not a big as Sturbridge but it still have cool period buildings and re-enactors.

  5. dehelen says:

    Love making memories at the Oregon Coast, but also on any kind of educational trip disguised as an adventure. Museums, bridges, petroglyphs … you get the idea. I enjoyed all three of your blogs today, thank you!

  6. Karen Wilson says:

    Love anything history. I guess we make the most memories around our dining room table. It’s sort of a family tridition to set and chat long after dinner. Now that the kids are starting new lives it hard to get a family trip in.

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      I come from a big Italian family Karen and I remember a lot of fun times around the dinner table. With my own family, I insist we all spend at least one whole day together doing something fun. My boys are almost men, so it’s get harder, but they still go along with it!

  7. The pictures are wonderful. Again thanks. I spent a lot of time at Fort Delaware, DE. I’d written a time-travel story, won an award, and had never been. A friend and I loved the living history so much we went back twice a year, once in the spring and then for Garrison Day. Oh and we went back a couple of times for the Ghost tour on Halloween.

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      Congratulations on your award! That is fantastic. I went to college in Washington DC and one of my houses mates was from Delaware. I only ever visited there once (I don’t count all the times I drove through since I didn’t stop). I hope to return to the area again one of these years because I really loved it.

  8. jannashay says:

    Great post. I love visiting places like Old Sturbridge Village. We like to visit Virginia City also, like Meggan’s family. I like visiting places that have a lot of history in them.
    Thanks for the pictures and sharing.

    • Casey Wyatt says:

      My pleasure to share Janna! Another place I’ve been is Plimouth Plantation. Last time I went was younger son’s 5th grade field trip and it poured all day. We have vowed to return again, but have yet to make. Plymouth is another one of those places I always visited as a kid. I have to thank my mom for taking us all over New England. I credit her with my love of visiting new places!

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