Night Creatures, Daywalkers and magical beings…

I love paranormal stories so much it’s hard for me to pick an absolute favorite. Sure vampires and shifters are a little higher on my list, but when I really think about it, it’s the magical world that is so much like our own, yet different in the sense that creatures walk among humans.

Here is my top five favs.

  1. Vampires. What’s not to love? I’m talking about romance heroes and heroines here, not the horror movie vamps. Vampire heroes are sexy, possessive, dangerous and great lovers (so I’m told be their heroines 😉 ) They can be a little overprotective even when the heroine is more than capable of taking care of herself.
  2. Shifters or weres. I like wolves and cats, oh and dragons. They’re fierce protectors like vamps and they also bite. 🙂 I love the connection between their human side and animal side, and the internal conflict it raises when their mate turns out to be human. Many shifter packs are close and protect one another at all cost.
  3. Demons. The bad boys of the paranormal. I love the redeemable hero.  You know the ones. They have a dark past, or dark magic about them that puts an edge to their personalities. They’re not above going after what they want and getting it. Yet, when that special female comes around, their softer side shows ever so slightly. But they wouldn’t ever admit to being soft in any way.
  4. Angels. Don’t let the name fool you. Angels are not always angelic. They’re warriors fighting for good over evil. They’re just as fierce and protective as their dark counterparts. And they can fly!
  5. Witches. I love the magic and the diversity among them. They can possess supernatural powers and use magic at their will. Others use the natural magic of the earth and universe to mix potions and create spells. Either way magic is a sole part of who they are.

What is your favorite paranormal creature or being, and why?


About Lia Davis

Lia is a paranormal romance author, a wife and mother of two young adults and two kitties, and the co-creator of Fated Desires Publishing and Heartthrob Haven. She loves creating worlds where her readers can escape from everyday stresses. Other loves are family, nature, reading, chocolate, and coffee.
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One Response to Night Creatures, Daywalkers and magical beings…

  1. jannashay says:

    I like all the paranormal creatures, but my favorite would be a toss-up between vampires and witches. Vamps are so sexy and dangerous, but witches have all that supernatural magic at their disposal. So I guess my ideal would be a warlock who also happens to be a vampire.
    Great post.

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