Relationships Require Compromises

Without deep feelings, two people can’t commit themselves to a relationship. Adoration is what ensures that a relationship grows and improves. But sooner or later, every good relationship bumps into bad things. And that’s when honest people discover that feelings of the heart, no matter how sincere, are never enough to keep their relationship moving forward.

When I decided to go pass simply dating someone casually to a stronger bond of commitment, my relationship confidence doesn’t simply survive… it thrives. But here’s the kicker: love in itself is seldom sturdy enough to support a couple when they inevitably run into bad things.

Countless couples out there cling to the sentimental, romantic notion of love expressed in pop culture. They believe that everything good in their relationship will get even better in time. But the truth is, not everything gets better.

Every successful relationship requires some necessary compromises. For starters, forming a serious relationship with someone means coming to terms with new limits on one’s privacy and independence. Like two weary soldiers taking cover in a bunker, every couple is bewildered by constant assaults to their love life. A relationship can be continually bombarded by unpredictable instances that interfere with being the kind of lovers they want to be. Couples can be torn apart by busy schedules, by words they wish they could take back, and by not giving their best to their mates.

But we can grow and to make better decisions about our relationships if we are realistic about the other important factors beside just romantic love. People can get hurt in relationships. It’s been proven, time and time again. For a couple who share a commitment to learning about each other’s faults, as well as perfections, feelings can mature and become something worth devoting their lives toward.

The naivety of new love can grow into a knowledgeable and confident adoration, one in which promises can be given in total confidence. We just need to remember to compromise.


About AM Bishop

Contemporary Romance and YA Writer that enjoys blogging about the latest literary news & life while learning from established writers.
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5 Responses to Relationships Require Compromises

  1. jannashay says:

    Great post. I totally agree with you. In order for a relationship to deepen, compromise is needed. But if two people truly love each other and make a commitment to their relationship, then all of life’s up and downs can be worked out together.

  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    Finding balance in a relationship is a process. Good post.

  3. B.J. Scott says:

    Great post as always. With out comprimise and mutal respect, there is no relationship

  4. This subject is near and dear to my heart. We all tackle this issues in our romance novels, or they’d be fairy tales. Great post!

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