Sex and Money!

My parents always warned my sister and I to steer clear of two conversation topics that were bound to incite later problems.  Sex and money: the ULTIMATE taboos.

Of course, that was long before blogs and social networking became popular.  Now, over-sharing is the new norm.   Sort of.   While I have yet to publicly discuss my sex life (call me old-fashioned), I know writers who do.  Graphically.  And I’m envious of their astronomical web traffic.  Just not envious enough to blog about my life as a chandelier-swinging horn dog… WHICH I AM TOTALLY NOT.   

Yet here’s a curious thing about some of these “oversharers”, despite nothing being off limits in the bedroom, when it comes to their bank accounts, MONEY is still a touchy subject.  Personal finances are avoided.  “Recession, what recession?”

If they’re doing well, good for them.  On the other hand, they’re not winning the favor of readers by pretending windfalls, credit card debt, overdraft fees and membership dues don’t exist.  On my personal blog, the closest I come to talking about money is usually in the form of my garage-sale shopping addiction, my love of vintage clothes, or trips to a discount grocery store (five pounds of Bob’s Red Mill whole grain flour for three bucks – score!).  Usually, the nitty-gritty, dollars-and-cents conversations are avoided.  Am I going to explain how I wrangled the cash to pay for my parking tickets, or tell you how much my highlights cost?  No.  (Even my husband doesn’t know how much I pay to get my hair done.)

So I have to ask myself why some bloggers publicly divulge their most intimate sexual moments, yet avoid the financial?  What’s up with that?  It makes me think that maybe, after all these years, my parents were wrong.  Sex equals a bonanza of website hits.  Maybe if I combine that with money it could make me famous.  But would anybody want to read about me checking my credit score online in the nude?   I just hope my parents aren’t reading this!

****Jamie Brazil is the author of Prince Charming, Inc., a Night Owl Review TOP PICK, a novel about a matchmaker who rebuilds blue-collar men and sells them off as husbands to wealthy socialites.



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Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.
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12 Responses to Sex and Money!

  1. jannashay says:

    Money is a touchy subject, and one that few people like to talk about especially if it’s personal finances. One’s personal sex lives use to be that way also but, like you, I’ve noticed the trend changing. Maybe someone will write a book called “50 Shades of Green” that will have people talking about their personal finances.
    Great post.

    • Jamie Brazil says:

      “50 Shades of Green” is brilliant! Maybe it’s a group project? How about 50 maybe-or-maybe-not fictitious “overshares” of what I did with my money this Christmas that I didn’t mention to my signifcant other? This has a lot of potential.

  2. LOL, Jamie!

    I’m not one to discuss either my finances nor my sex life online. The closest I’ve come is: I’m married to a cop, I have two kids, y’all do the math on that! Oh, Hubs wants me to add: I’m married to a *super sexy* cop.

    I wonder if it will improve my web traffic?

  3. Love the post. I needed my morning laugh. Just be careful where you set your laptop while posting in the nude. As for coupon clipping, that could be downright dangerous.

  4. Hey Jamie, When I was growing up my momma always said you never talk about money, sex, religion or politics in public. Those times sure have changed, at least with respect to sex and politics. I have noticed that no one is as open about the state of their finances, and I wouldn’t either. But, I’m sure you know the old saying … sex sells, and it seems to be true. Isn’t that why we write steamy romance novels?

    • Jamie Brazil says:

      Gerri, that’s funny that you should mention writing. When I wrote the blog yesterday I was thinking, “Well isn’t this why we write fiction? So we can explore the messier bits of life without much risk.” But I couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate that angle into the post. It would be a great topic for future SMP posts. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  5. Hey Jamie…
    I’m with you on all of this, though I’d rather share my bank account number than my bedroom score. For one thing, though both are low, i am sure it would be far more interesting.

  6. Jamie Brazil says:

    LOL. We are sooo much alike!

  7. 50 shades of Green works for me. 😉

  8. IRL: best to avoid both topics and smile happily.
    Online: who the heck knows?
    The whole blog thing is what we’re supposed to do, so we do it, and I am grateful for friends I’ve made online, but email can do that. ‘Tis a mystery how to create web traffic. I hear it’s content, but what content are you comfortable sharing that is better/different/more interesting than the millions of blogs out there? Hard to know, isn’t it?
    Great post, Jamie. 🙂

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