I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

By Ann Montclair

Let’s talk WIPs.

I’m going to Bouchercon in a month with Kendra James, author of When Hearts Collide.    Bouchercon is a conference for crime fiction/mystery writers, and one of my favorite authors will be in attendance—Lee Child of Reacher fame. Kendra knew from reading my blog that I worship Lee Child and since she, ahem, knows him, she invited me to attend with her to see the man up close and personal. 

(Did it just get hot in here?)

I’m taking three days off from work, abandoning my composition students, leaving my family behind, and traveling to Cleveland, Ohio to learn more about writing edge-of-your-seat fiction.

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

My current WIP (work in progress) is a romantic suspense with crime fiction and mystery elements titled Lies Sleeping.

When Los Angeles executive Tanith Sands hires an investigator to research her real family, the family she never knew because she grew up in foster care as an orphan, the PI unearths one living relative—a twin sister living three thousand miles away in rural upstate New York. The woman agrees to reunite with Tanith on one condition: it must be kept secret.  Something unexpected and devastating occurs the day Tanith and Theresa meet, and only one of them survives.  But who? When the survivor awakens weeks later with amnesia, a husband and son gratefully claim her, but are they really hers? And if not, how can she reject them and lose a family, lose love? Why should she? No one would ever know…would they?

That’s about as far as I’ve gone. Not far. But it gives you a taste of where I’m heading.

I’ll provide lots of twists and turns, throw in a few red herrings and some steamy love scenes, and unlike most stories featuring Jack Reacher, mine will have a happy ending.

But I don’t plan to begin drafting until after Bouchercon.

I’m hoping the conference will not only be a great time to meet and hang out with a fellow Soul Mate author (pajamas and cookie time are definitely on the agenda) but an incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the field essential elements for my WIPs success.

I plan to allow myself six months to craft and draft before pitching this one to Debby, our fearless SMP leader, in spring 2013.

As writers, it’s important to always have a plan of attack and a manuscript on the way or in progress.

So let’s share.

Who’s working on what and why?  Is your next book a foggy idea or a Word document?  Maybe something in between?  What are you doing to prepare for that next magnus opus?

I showed you mine, so please show me yours.  ;)

You can find out more about Ann Montclair, author of The Billionaire’s Bauble, at her web site, on her blog, Facebook, or Twitter.




About Ann Montclair

I'm Ann Montclair, and I write historical and contemporary romantic fiction. In any age, love triumphs.
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10 Responses to I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

  1. My WIP is finally coming along…And it’s a paranormal! I’m affectionately calling it my non YA YA. My characters are young, but I’m not necessarily going for a young audience!

    But finally! I got something! Yay!

    (Also working on another steampunk. Strong romantic elements, but not a romance!)


  2. Ann, I’m so excited for you. It will be wonderful to get the chance to actually meet your idol. I dream of the day I get to meet mine (J.K. Rowling). I know you will have a wonderful time and wait to hear all about it!!!

    • I am beyond thrilled for the opportunity to breathe air in the same room as Lee Child.
      I admire his writing so much, I may swoon. :)

      JK Rowling is my daughter’s favorite author, too. When she was a child, the books were releasing and we’d wait all night at Borders to get a copy. GREAT memories.

      Thnaks for your comment, Gerri.

  3. jannashay says:

    Hi, Ann. What a fantastic opportunity.
    Love your WIP. It sounds so intriguing. I’ve just finished writing the second book in my Diamond series and am now fine tuning it.
    Have fun at Bouchercon.

  4. Jamie Brazil says:

    OMG, sound slike so much fun! Have a great time. I met Lee in SF @ mystery conference. He’s fabulous and funny … and very, very generous with his time. Do ask him to read your manuscript. I know several writers who he has personally helped.

    • I will be unable to utter a word, Jamie. I’ve been starstruck before, and it isn’t pretty. Babbling, blushing, and even falling at the man’s feet are not unlikely. :)
      I just don’t want to embarrass Bev.

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