Writers block? I don’t think so…

Writers block is an authors worst nightmare.

When it happens authors usually walk away from the manuscript and take a much needed break. I myself like to go and watch tv, read another book, take the dogs for a walk, crochet an entire blanket and train for a marathon (ok maybe not in that order).

The problem is an author never knows when the block is going to happen. There you are steaming full speed ahead when BAM a wall pops up and you can’t get your characters to figure out if they want to go shopping or go to Singapore.

Maybe the problem isn’t with the author perhaps the characters are to blame here. Now here me out, if the author in question let’s the characters tell the story and said characters can’t make a decision for a trip to either Target or Singapore then why is the author to blame for the characters indecision? I mean, seriously if the characters get all the glory for writing the story themselves then maybe they need to be blamed for when the story isn’t moving along. it should no longer be called writers block it should be called character block!

Therefore, authors everywhere listen up! If you are being blocked by the very same characters that were moving along with blazing speed then why beat yourself up over it? The characters are to blame, they are the ones not making any decisions and can no longer play out their own story! Take a stand authors, force those characters back into the story and make them talk! Make them get back to work and force them to tell you what happens next! Take charge!

Now I personally would never blame my characters but that is because my characters would probably (almost positively) revolt and the story would never get finished. Then those characters would hold characters from other stories hostage just for spite and I would no longer be able to write another word until I apologized profusely and brought gifts to them everyday.

Hopefully you don’t have characters like mine that would be so mean.

Authors you CANtake a stand against character block!

But please do it quietly so my characters don’t hear you shhh…..


About angelascavone

I am a published author that writes contemporary romantic comedy. I also love to promote other authors.
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4 Responses to Writers block? I don’t think so…

  1. Lol. Revolt…no doubt. Donna whispers, ‘mine would be the same way.’ I’d have to bring along loads of chocolate and promise them the next few chapters. Great post.

  2. So funny! My characters generally behave–unlike their creator. 😉

  3. ravenraye says:

    LOL Great post! Seriously, train for a marathon? Yikes! Yes, characters from my second novel are currently on the picket line, but we are deep in negotiations. It’s probably because I reworked things and killed one them off in my first novel. (sigh) Now there’s a whole scene to be cut–along with all the follow-up I had planned.

  4. Rob Sharp says:

    Hi ladies from rainy England. Rob writing as Rikki Sharp here, who is in danger of becoming a character in my female alter-ego’s books!
    I had to add a comment to this great post, as I’m currently reading a series of books by Jasper FForde where his heroine, Thursday Next, polices characters from fiction, who move in and out of their own novels. The first story has Jane Eyre kidnapped from her own book and held hostage in reality. As it is written in the first person, without Jane to relate the tale, all you end up with are shelves full of blank books and her support characters hanging around with nothing to do.
    Strange but very funny reads!

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