Mix it Up

This will be a fairly short post since I blogged yesterday. I got the days mixed up. So, whoever was supposed to blog yesterday and didn’t get the chance, sooo sorry. I’m really not trying to step on toes.

Anyone besides me do that? You’re sure your supposed to do something then can’t remember the day you’re supposed to do it. Or you remember a day you’re supposed to do something but then can’t remember what it was you were supposed to do. Someone said our brains are like computers. Well, who said that? I’d like to get an upgrade. Or, at the very least, some extra RAM space. I mean really, are we to carry on our whole life with the same (antiquated by now) equipment?

Do you ever get your days mixed up?


About Raven Raye

I am a newly divorced Author/Radiation Therapist with two kids. I volunteer at a local cat shelter and have 3 of my own; one of which is a special needs. I live in the greater Houston area, but one day I'm going to move where they have more than one (summer) season.
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8 Responses to Mix it Up

  1. I get my days mixed up all the time, especially when it’s Monday morning, and I wake up convinced it’s still Sunday. You know it’s been a bad week when I wake up Wednesday and think, “Thank God it’s Saturday!”

  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    Oh yeah, you’re not alone.

  3. jannashay says:

    You definitely are not alone on this one. I think I forget more than I remember.

  4. WE all goof that at times. LOL!

  5. ravenraye says:

    Thanks for the understanding all! Ur da best.

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