Bad Drivers

Over the years, I’ve noticed driving habits of too many people deteriorate to the point where navigating through traffic has gotten down right scary. Speeds have increased to the point, where if you are not going ten miles over the limit, you are lagging. Conversely, it seems the slower, especially the under-speed-limit, drivers are the preoccupied folks with cell phones in hand.

To me, the worst offenders are in the category I call “stay-out-of-my-way bullies.” They are the aggressive drivers, the one’s who used to slide through intersections on yellow, but now they blast through on red even though the light had turned for them more than 30 feet back. Yikes! It’s enough to turn a person paranoid.

Now, in the past week, I’ve started noticing another very bad habit: the left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle. Granted, making a left may not be illegal, but the timing is what has me concerned. I saw three separate instances of a driver make a left turn in front of a vehicle, giving them no warning, no turn signal, and very little space to slow down or stop.

The sad thing was, if said driver would have paused two seconds—one one-thousand, two one-thousand—they would have had a clear path to cross because there were no other cars coming. I wanted to shout, “What gives? You Idiot!”

It’s been decades since I studied the Driver’s Manual, and took Driver’s Ed. Did I miss a memo on the new way of driving?

I don’t think so.

Stay safe! Pay attention!


About Diane Pearson

Author of CHAOS AT HIGH ALTITUDE (2012) where turbulence and a handsome hunk get a girl's heart racing more than a near miss at a street intersection.
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2 Responses to Bad Drivers

  1. jannashay says:

    There are too many impatient drivers on the road for me, and too many of them taking the chances you just wrote about. It enough to scare you into staying off the road.
    Great post.

  2. Road Rage! I don’t have it, but I see it daily. I’m happy listening to audio books and sipping lattes while others roil around me.

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