“Volunteering” by Dawn Ireland

The graveyard is cold and damp. Leaves skitter between the luminaries that line the paths, while shadowy figures take their place at various headstones. Each ghost is dressed in the era of their death, and has a story to tell.

I ought to know, because you see, I play “Ruth,” a woman who was dreadfully murdered in our area. The killer was never discovered. I portray her as a mother who wants to know why no one came for her. She’s buried in Potter’s field, along with so many unfortunates without names, families or means.

All this is to help my local cemetery survive. As a historical writer, I am fascinated by knowing from whence we’ve come. A part of that information is preserved in our aging cemeteries and historic buildings. Monies are always needed to maintain these gems, but unless people take an active role, so much will be lost.

I also do “Ghost Walks” for our County History Department. We have a very entertaining County Historian who sends us on our walks with the ghosts. You see, she’s asked them to go by the use of divining rods. Yesterday, George and John went with me. (Yes, she knows them by name.) Participants learn “history” in the guise of scary stories and a two mile walk.

The leaders of these organizations have come up with some very creative ways to raise money, but they would never be able to accomplish their goals without volunteers. Do you have a passion that could use your help? Whether it be volunteering at a soup kitchen, teaching people to read, maintaining a tourism information booth, raising money for a “cure,” or preserving history, you can make a difference. Volunteering is rewarding and a great way to connect with people of a like mind.

Have you been a volunteer? I’d be interested to find out what projects have prompted you to “lend a hand.”


About Dawn Ireland

When I'm not writing historical romance, I'm practicing my harp, gardening, singing, acting, wood carving... Okay, you get the idea, I love to create.
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4 Responses to “Volunteering” by Dawn Ireland

  1. bevirwin says:

    I’m on the fund raising committee at work but it’s not near as exciting as playing a ghost.

  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    You are a very cool gal, Dawn! Love this! When I was a kid my parents bought an abandoned church in rural Alberta and renovated it as a house. Our backyard was a pioneer graveyard.

    • guardian30 says:

      So, did you make spookhouses in October? Talk about having the right environment! Mmm.. I’m surprised you didn’t go into writing ghost stories. I love the fact that your parents saved the “old church.”

  3. jannashay says:

    What an exciting way to help your community. I don’t volunteer for my community anymore, although I use to be involved in many areas. I only have time now to knit scarves for the people in our convalescent homes and visit them from time to time to cheer them up. I think its great the way you take the time out of your busy schedule to help your community.

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