The un-blog

I’m not blogging today. Seriously, I’m not.  (Okay, technically I am.)

I wrapped up all the writing I had to do a couple of days ago, hopped in the car with some of my favorite people and headed off on a week’s vacation. The months leading up to the release of Son of Thunder were exciting and exhausting. It’s time for a vacation. A whole week away from writing.

I’ve got my iPad full of books to read, even a few paperbacks along for the ride. I plan to catch up on my reading and relaxing. I’ll check email and respond to blog comments, but that’s pretty much all I plan on accomplishing.

Well, that was all I planned on accomplishing until the reminder that it was my turn to blog on the SMP Author site popped up this morning.

So, okay, I’m not about to let down my Soul Mate sisters and brothers. They’re becoming kind of my second family. Still, I’m in vacation mode. So for you guys and any other writer who’d like to stick around, here’s a little un-blog about writing:

Every once in a while – DON’T WRITE!

That movie you’ve been dying to see – WATCH IT!

That book sitting on your nightstand – READ IT!

That sunrise/sunset that looks to be spectacular – ENJOY IT!

Give yourself permission to sit back/get up/jump in and reconnect with the real world. I know for me at times it’s easy to get so involved in my make-believe worlds, that I lose track of what’s happening in the real one.

Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s all take a mini-vacation right now.

When I say go, I want everyone to close their eyes, take deep, slow breaths, and count to ten.

And no peeking or reading ahead…Ready…Go!



(Hey, you in the back…I said no peeking!!!)



There! Don’t you feel better? Of course you do. See, sometimes you just need to take a break.

Now, get back to work. That novel isn’t going to write itself.

Me? I’m getting back to my vacation…

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11 Responses to The un-blog

  1. Well put, S.C. Have a good vacation!

  2. Hey S.C. enjoy your vacation. I always give myself permission to stop and smell the roses. In fact, today I’m going to spend with my grand-daughter. See y’all tomorrow.

  3. I’ll be taking your advice. I’m off to the Caribbean.

  4. Bev Irwin says:

    What a fun non-blog. Of course I didn’t peek.
    Enjoy your vacation and reading just to read.

  5. Good advice, S.C. Have a grand time on your vacation and refill the well. 🙂

  6. Great advice. We all need a little R&R to recharge.

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