People are strange

It’s true, people are strange. Now of course strange to me is not a bad thing. I’m strange and later I’ll share some of my own strangeness. But (just so I am not all alone in my original and unique) I thought I would share some of the strange things people say or do that I’ve observed or overheard.

The most current was last week, while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room. This particular room had dividers in it (why, I don’t know) and broken up into three areas you could sit. Between the areas was a four foot wall and above that was yellow horror which I think was suppose to look like stain-glass but came off looking like tacky, yellow plastic, and stopped about a foot from the ceiling. Anyway, I’m sitting there playing solitaire on my tablet, while my hubby is filling out paper work and two ladies come in and sign in. Now they must have taken the seats right next to our divider because their conversation is very clear. Ok, so nothing strange so far (well if you don’t count the tacky plastic). But this is the conversation I hear.

“I went out last night with one of the guys I met on my online dating site.” First lady.
“Really, how was it?” Second lady.
“Boring actually, but I gotta little so I’m seeing him again tomorrow night.” First lady
“If it was boring, why are you going out with him again?” Second lady.
“Well, he isn’t exactly cute, but he isn’t a dog. He has a nice car. Oh, and I got laid, so I figure what the hell, nice car and getting some, could be worse.” First lady.
“Yeah, it could be my husband.” Second lady.

Honest that was the conversation. I was actually sad to get called back for the appointment. I felt like taking out my notebook and jotting it all down to use later. It cracked me up.

Which brings me to my second, people are strange story. This one happened last year. I was in a department store and decided I needed some new clothes. So I make my choices and go to try them on. I pick a changing room somewhat in the middle. So as I’m taking off my shirt, I hear a women’s voice in the next stall. “They won’t button, I’m too fat.” I smiled to my self thinking, yeah, I’ve been there. Then I hear a second voice. “No your not, lay down and try to button them.”

Now the changing rooms in this particular store are very small, and the stall walls are a few feet above the ground so you can peek under and see if they are empty. Here I am just about ready to try on a shirt, standing in my bra when a head suddenly slides under the wall and appears on my side. Surprise, surprise. Now were not talking a kid or a teenager, so this is a woman in her late forties or early fifties. I’m sure my jaw dropped to my chest, and my eyebrows must have risen to my hair line, I was so surprised. But as if nothing strange was happening she smiled and said, “Oh, hi, I’ll just be a minute. My pants won’t snap. Hey, great shirt, if your not going to buy it do you mind if I try it on after you?”

Now my shock didn’t last long, it rarely does. So I smiled and said. “Nope, not at all.” Then I put the shirt on turned around slightly and said, “So what do you think? Does this shirt make me look fat?”

So that brings me to the strangeness that is me. First of all, if I wasn’t strange the whole dressing room thing might have thrown me. But some strange woman sliding her head under just amused me. Another strange thing about is I’m claustrophobic (Yeah, I know, you are probably thinking that isn’t strange) but the thing about me is I’m most claustrophobic when someone covers my feet up with a blanket or sheet. Nope, can’t stand it. I sleep with my feet uncovered, doesn’t matter if my toes are frozen. I go into the hospital for surgery and ask not to have my feet covered. I literally go nuts. And since we are on the feet thing, there is also the fact that I can NOT stand to have the bottom of my feet touched. It freaks me out, big time. My husband and my children avoid the bottom of my feet, they know Momma will start to shriek and come un-glued.

Many people think I am very strange when I am having a dialog in my head. But like many writers, I hear voices in my head. They carry on entire conversations, usually while someone is talking to me and I am saying “yep and ok” while actually not listening. Then wonder later what I agreed to and when. And yes I argue with my characters when they want a story to go one way and I think it should go another. Of course they are usually right, and I am learning to just keep my mouth shut.

I’m sure my family and friends could name a hundred more things about me that are just strange, and they would be right. But in my point of view, the world is a much more interesting place with all the strange things people do and say. I’m only thankful I have a good sense of humor, with all the strange things I do, I need it. I would love to hear about any of the strange things you see or do, so please feel free to share. We won’t laugh at you, but we will laugh with you.


About Connie Rhinehart

I write paranormal and Science Fiction Romance. I grew up in Idaho and other then a small stint in Alaska I've stayed in Idaho. Rhinehart is my maiden name and also my pen name. The first story I ever wrote I was four years old and I've been hooked sence then.
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13 Responses to People are strange

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  2. What a great way to start my day! Love your post. I heard a similar conversation at a doctor’s office only the young lady was on her cell phone talking loud enough for the entire waiting room to hear. She was debating breaking up with her boyfriend and sharing all the details of their intimate encounter the night before.

  3. Jamie Brazil says:

    Connie, you are a scream! In a good way. We are all marvelously quirky in our own ways 🙂 You should check out Deanne Wilstead’s blog of all the things she overhears in Starbucks (and other places). Her latest novel just came out with SMP, too!

  4. aliceakemp says:

    Excellent post – and I’d add that People are the Entertainment! We writers don’t have to make things up.

  5. Like you, I’m not a fan of having my feet touched. In fact, I hate it. The funny thing here is that I’m claustrophobic too, only I don’t like to feel closed in. I freaked out once while driving through the Chesapeak Bay Bridge Tunnel. I also hear voices in my head, but being an author, that’s a good thing. I don’t usually engage in conversation with them though. The only thing I do is once in a while I tell them they just have to shut up and give me a chance to get the story told. Funny blog. I would have freaked out with the woman in the dressing room though. LOL

  6. Glad to hear I’m not the only one to freak about the feet. And I do find myself asking my characters things like, “Why the hell do you want to do it that way?” And “Wow, didn’t see that one coming”, But yeah I mostly tell them to shut up too. I shoulda been freaked about the dressing room, but I honestly wasn’t, in fact I found it quite funny. But then I have two teenage girls and have learned even the bathroom at my house has no privacy.

  7. Ok, I’ll bite.

    Now, I like to think, as writers, we’re all a little quirky. As for me, I have what you could call a very earthy sense of humor. You could also call it dirty, but let’s not split hairs. Anyway, I have a talent for making everything/anything inappropriate.

    For Lent, I gave up being inappropriate. I didn’t tell anyone, but suddenly people were asking me if I felt okay. I was trying so hard to not rise to the bait everyone thought I was sick!

  8. This is so funny, I almost want to run out to Starbucks with a notepad or tape recorder. I too hear my characters speaking to me, but I wish they would wait until I’m out of the shower.

  9. Hi Diane, I know what you mean about the characters waiting. Kinda funny when I am setting and saying ok I’m ready with PC or pen in hand and they go quiet. But I can be somewhere so in appropriate, like say a Dr. Office and they won’t shut up.

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