My mixed up mind

Hello, everyone. Today I thought I would talk about stepping off that huge cliff from becoming a “writer” to the whirl wind of being an “author.”

The dictionary’s short description of a writer is in simple form …a person who writes. It simply defines an author as …a person who writes as a profession.

So okay, pretty straight forward right? Yeah, I thought so too. Oh, how wrong I was. Here is my experience of going from “writer” to “author.”

First you need to understand, I’m a writer, always have been and always will be. I honestly didn’t expect much to change. (Yeah, I know I’m extremely naive.) I expected to just continue on, putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and writing my next story.

But you see, in my case, half of my brain is constantly in a fantasy world. It’s a world where my muses live. Some of you may be shaking your heads, and thinking to yourself, ‘this girl is out of her mind’ but it’s true. My muses are never completely quiet. Instead they continually bombard me with story ideas, dialog, or scene changes. Even while watching a movie, there is a soft whisper going on. To me it is normal and I manage to keep the bulk of my brain in the here in now. (Well, some of the time anyway.)

So as a writer, I would often be found jotting down notes, writing furiously in a notebook (because my kids hijacked my computer) and bringing my fantasy world to life. It was simple, I just wrote.

But then I took the plunge. I sent out that first manuscript, danced with joy when it was accepted, cried when I signed the contracted, and thought “wow that was easy.” Really I did. And then…

Welcome to author hood. I laugh at myself now. Why? Well, because I’m a mess. I thought it was going to be so simple. Oh how wrong I was.

When I stepped of that cliff, I expected to land on a nice solid surface, nothing would change. I would continue to spend my free time with pen and paper in hand. Wondering around freely in my fictional world, muses by my side, pen in hand, as words floated on to the page in front of me.

Instead I never reached the solid ground. I found myself swept up in a whirl wind of twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, and many more forms of social media.

Me? Who is completely, socially, illiterate. A person who survives only partially in the here and now, and enjoys most of my time living in a world of fantasy.

I can honestly say I now fully understand why the words ‘eccentric’ and ‘writer’ are often used in the same sentence. I find my brain in a dual most of the time now. On one side I have, what I named Muse, on the other side is Ms. Logical (who really drives me nuts), and they are in a current battle for supremacy. For example here is a dialog I recently had with myself as I stood at the sink doing my dishes last night.

“Ryker slammed the pan onto the counter and spun around to face Thorne.” Muse whispers in my ear.

“Stop honestly, enough with the story. You need to write your blog. And what about watching the tutorial for how to post your cover onto WordPress, huh? Hello, you have more important things to think about.” Ms Logical cuts in.

“His anger reached the breaking point. ‘You crossed the line, Thorne.’ Muse refuses to be side tracked.

“Enough. You need to get your head together. You are so lost on all this media crap, come on you don’t even know what the hell, Twitter is suppose to used for. Get your head out of the clouds and into the here and now. Focus!” Ms Logical hisses at me.

By now I what to smash the glass I am rubbing the dish around and bang my head on the counter. I’m so lost. Honestly, what is Twitter for? I know once I post this to my blog it will magically send a notification to appear on my Twitter account. (I say magically because I have no clue how I managed to set that up when I can’t load my cover to my blog, and yet I some how linked up with Twitter).

Now don’t get me wrong. If I once again stood on that cliff, I would take the step into ‘author hood’ again. But with my befuddled brain struggling to get a handle on all the social media ins and outs, I decided in all my confusion to form my own definition of the word “author.”

So to me an author is a person who not only writes as a profession, but also becomes a master at tweeting, facebooking, and using other forms of social media in a proficient and productive manner.

In order to bring peace to my dueling mind, I have decided today to muzzle my muses, sit down at the computer, and watch the tutorials on how to run each of my social sites. So with caffeine and chocolate close by (along with some ice to but over the bruises I’m sure will come with the banging of my head on the computer) I am determined to become a master at social media.

Tomorrow I will be a wizard!


About Connie Rhinehart

I write paranormal and Science Fiction Romance. I grew up in Idaho and other then a small stint in Alaska I've stayed in Idaho. Rhinehart is my maiden name and also my pen name. The first story I ever wrote I was four years old and I've been hooked sence then.
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12 Responses to My mixed up mind

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  2. Connor I am in complete agreement with you!
    Who’d have thought it would so complicated!

  3. Ah, things can get crazy in the Authorhood, can’t they?! I feel sure your resident Muses and your rising Wizard will come to appreciate each other’s talents and see how they compliment and promote each other. Come to think of it, it’s a little paranormal and science-fiction-y all at the same time. Keep those good ideas coming for those of us who identify with you!

  4. scmitchell says:

    Oh yeah. those left-side vs. right-side brain wars can be exhausting. I can usually appease one or the other with coffee or chocolate though…
    Left-side: Coffee?
    Right-side: No, chocolate!
    Me: (Sigh)

  5. Hi Connie,
    Writer or Author? I don’t really care what they call me, as long as I can write. I once heard somewhere, and God only knows where, that a writer is not an author until they become published. Take it for what it’s worth. I agree with you though, there is now so much more to having a writing career. Now we also have to be marketing experts.

  6. lynncahoon says:

    I say listen to Muse – the author stuff can wait. And it’s always there. LOL But creating? That you have to do when you’re fresh. (From one Idaho girl to another.)

  7. Hi Lynn sending you a wave from Idaho.

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