OMG another BLOG!

Has anyone else noticed how many abbreviations we have now-a-days? I work as a Radiation Therapist so I know the medical field has a ton of them. The publishing industry has a ton of their own. I’m sure that every field of endeavor has their share of specific abbreviations.

I’m talking about in every day talk–I mean text. No one who’s anyone talks anymore. You have to know how to text. And to text you have to know the lingo. And don’t use all caps because you’ll be yelling.

So in case you’re wondering, here are a few you’ll need to text-talk: your and you’re can both be abbreviated with ur, lol is laugh out loud, LOL is a real belly laugh, ROFL is rolling on the floor laughing, ROFLMBO is rolling on the floor laughing my but off, ROFLMFBO is…ok, well the F stands for fat.

And then their’s PHAT which sounds like fat but really means ‘pretty hot and tempting.’ And then there are the usuals: bc means because, ppl means people, msgs for messages, pls means please, thx for thanks, prob for probably… You get the idea.

So u’ll frgv me if this is a short post, but I need to rsrch some more abbrev. so I know what I’m saying when I text-talk. Tmorrow I’ll ask my kids what some of these things mean. But I’m not going to pick up the phone and call, if I’m to be understood, I’ll have to text.

My brain hurts. (insert cute emoticon here)(subject of another blog–hmmm)


About Raven Raye

I am a newly divorced Author/Radiation Therapist with two kids. I volunteer at a local cat shelter and have 3 of my own; one of which is a special needs. I live in the greater Houston area, but one day I'm going to move where they have more than one (summer) season.
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  1. Cute, Rave, and true.

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