Cha-Ching: A Literary ATM

writing-womanE. L. James, I heard, wrote “50 Shades” on her phone while commuting to and from work.  She’s worth a gazillion dollars now. Or maybe just 60 million.  And I have to wonder where her phone went!

Did E.L. toss her smartphone in her junk closet (we all have those “storage” places for things we’ll never use again), pop the SIM card and trade up for a newer model, give it to her kids… or will Sotheby’s auction off her “50 Shades phone” as a piece of literary history?  (Am I the only one who thinks about these things?)

In any case, Smartphones and writers seem to be an ideal match. I bought my first smartphone earlier this year and, now that I know how to use it, I REALLY LOVE IT.   The learning curve from “brick” to smartphone felt a little intimidating at first. I bought way more phone than I needed figuring I’d grow into it. I have thanks to classes offered by the mobile carrier.  But better than texting, web searches,GPS, and all the apps, when I find myself waiting, or an idea hits me, I use my phone to write.

Just like E.L. James (minus the 60 million bucks).

I rarely use it for phone calls.  Like almost never.

Also, I haven’t actually finished any novels, or even blog posts, on my phone.  Yet.  Still, the seeds are there, 50 to 200 words at a time.  My smartphone has become a writing tool.  Like discovering how to use the phone, learning to write on it has its own curve, too.

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Did you enjoy Jamie’s post? LIKE Jamie Brazil on Facebook!

Do you use your phone to write? For those who do, maybe our phones will become ourpersonal literary ATMs. Words and stories in, money and fame out?

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13 Responses to Cha-Ching: A Literary ATM

  1. When I get an idea while walking on the treadmill or driving, I use my smart phone to email it to myself. Then I can just copy and paste. I also use the voice recognition feature whenever possible, which is much quicker than typing on the phone’s microscopic keyboard!

  2. Congrats Jamie on getting a smartphone!! So far I haven’t written any novels on my smartphone but I use it for everything else. I am going to start now though if there’s a possibility of 60 million at the end 😉

    If only it would edit…

  3. I can’t imagine writing a whole book on the phone. I’d get carpal thumb for sure! I used to always carry a notepad in my purse. Now I use my phone to jot down ideas, characters descriptions I see and other notes. I’m terrified the phone will crash and I’ll lose it all, so it goes into the computer and paper for safe guarding.

    • Jamie Brazil says:

      Carpal thumb?? An app? An affliction? Do explain 🙂 I connected dropbox to my phone so everything I do– notes, pix — is automatically saved to the dropbox. I’m not sure it works, only that it does, and it sometimes takes a while to load the larger picture files.

    • Jamie Brazil says:

      Oh Catherine, I’m laughing at myself. I really thought you were talking about an app. First thought was she’s found a new app for texting in the car. Why don’t I know this app? CAR-pal …like Paypal…thumb… some fancy thumb wand. Alas, still wondering if I can have Google sponsor a pair of “glasses”… do they have a writer program?

      • Jamie,
        I never thought of an app, since I’m basically clueless about those kinds of things. Don’t even know how to load them without messing something up. But now I see why my comment confused you. And here I thought I was being clever. LoL

  4. Bev Irwin says:

    I love that the notes I make on the phone sync with my iPad and computer. I read on the iPhone (all my Kindle books are there too) and jot notes but no great American novel yet. I’m doing that on my iPad, LOL.
    Bev Irwin / Kendra James

  5. Jamie Brazil says:

    Bev, keep texting, making notes! The GAN will come! Did you read “Where’s YouGo, Bernadette?” by any chance? It’s a humourous compliation of missives put into novel form. Inspiring stuff for our digital age.

  6. I can’t even imagine using my phone to write. I can barely take texting more than two or three words. As a touch typist at 100 wpm, I found phone typing seriously frustrating. Now, if I can train my phone to actually type what my voice says (it’s not too good at it right now) THEN I can see using the phone for writing when I’m not near my beloved keyboard.

    • Jamie Brazil says:

      Wow you type fast. I’ve actually slowed down over the years. Texting took a little time to learn and feel comfortable with, so keep at it. Also is there a better VR program to download to your phone?

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