I was given a deck of cards, “52 Things to Try Once in Your Life” by Lynn Gordon. I usually take the deck to my local Shenango Valley Pennwriters group where, as a writing challenge, we pick a card and write something about the topic. So when I was thinking about a topic to write this month for SMP, I decided to go through the deck and see if anything inspired me. I found the card “Radical Hair Make-over,” which advocated shaving your head to see what your scalp really looked like.

Do I really want to know what my lumpy scalp looks like? No. I think I would just as soon not shave my hair off, thank you very much. Good reasons for not going bald include:

1) a bald head allows too much body heat to escape through the head.  So, I’d feel like I’m freezing all the time, instead of only the usual three fourths of the year (because I live in a northern, mountain foothills environment).

2) said bald head would need a cozy covering, like a fuzzy stocking cap. Okay, so that might be an excuse to knit one, but I only knit or crochet in the winter and it’s now spring going on summer, so by the time I got that cap knitted, likely my hair would have grown back.

3) there’s the trauma my husband and daughter, sisters, friends, fellow writers—not to mention everyone I knew— would suffer the shock and utter disbelief that I would act on a whim of any kind.
I’ve never been a whims-R-us kind of person.

4) I could buy a wig and use it as a cover for a bald pate, but the wig would have to match my hair in color and cut so no one would suspect that I was bald.  But doesn’t a wig defeat the purpose of shaving one’s head so it’s seen?

Okay, so call me un-adventurous. I’ll just stick with getting my hair trimmed every few months and once in a very great while maybe curling it.

Which now brings me to asking: could you go for a “radical hair make-over” and shave your head?

Catherine E. McLean /

KARMA AND MAYHEM–a paranormal fantasy romance


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10 Responses to THINGS TO DO–ONCE

  1. Catherine,
    One of my biggests fears is I’ll be bald. I have what doctor’s call an “odd-shaped” skull. I keep it well hidden with my hairstyle. Which by-the-way changed Saturday. I had 6 inches cut off. Hubby still hasn’t noticed.

  2. lynncahoon says:

    Having been bald for Chemo, I have to say it’s not worth the experiment. Wigs are way too hot, scarfs look funny (without the hair under them) and looking at your reflection scares you.

    I like hair. LOL

  3. I’ve been chemo-induced bald, too. Believe me, once the hair grows back, you NEVER have a bad hair day!

  4. Anne Cleasby says:

    It’s bad enough limiting my hair to the back of my head….I have to resist having a chin length fringe. So No Hair? No Way.

  5. kathybryson says:

    I’ve had the really, really bad haircut, but never bald. It was challenging enough just going Marine short since I haven’t got an athletic bone in my body. I could not pull that look off!

    • Catherine says:

      I can sympathize. Many years ago, when we moved to a new town, I didn’t know which of the local beauticians was good. Well, my luck was to get the one that wasn’t. My hair wasn’t trimmed, it was shagged. I ended up at another beautician who did had to clip my curls off and leave me with not quite a Marine clip. :))

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