Let’s Consider Reincarnation

Fun Pics 020Another world is dying, if you believe the buzz. It’s the World of Blog. It birthed, boomed, has reached its saturation point, and is now “statistically” imploding.  It is old media, irrelevant, and wordy. Blog World should be shuffled off to its retirement so it no longer embarrasses all who bought property in the neighborhood.

Oh, wait, that news has been clarified. It’s not the entire Blog World that’s dying, only the satellite Moon Blogs used by authors for book promotions, and connecting with readers, and networking with writers. The news is being spread (on blogs!) that this is no longer a valid venue for spreading news. My opinion, of course, is invalid as I’ve been active in Blog World for years and yet – gasp – have not been selling anything! The fact that I had nothing to sell is irrelevant, and the fact that I find blogs highly relevant is of even less interest to the doomsayers.

I’m always fascinated by news articles screaming the lack of value to what is written ever reaching readers, which will only be read by avid readers. So what audience were they expecting to reach?

Blog World developed very quickly and early adopters defined the rules that worked for them, and a frenzy began. Post Daily! Comment Early! Then new stuff happened, and lots of bad stuff appeared, and the early adopters burnt out and shut down. Others moved on to the latest avenue of short quips and saying little, to lots of people, daily.

What’s really dying is the value of RSS feeds, SEO, and many more acronyms and rules that were defined to create a frenzy. Some blogs make money, some blogs promote products, some blogs have a platform, some blogs rumble along in obscurity for a dozen followers, for years, until they are discovered.

The most important thing about blogs is, they are easy, they are free, and they are versatile. The second most important thing to know about blogs is – they are really easy to share on every other form of social media currently in use. Really. Easy. Relevant Blog posts are shared through all the other media networks. What Authors need to know about blogs is – it’s all about the content, and colors, and pictures, but mostly about the content.

Blog World is one of the social media venues where writers can shine, because writers have something to say, and can say it well, on their author blog. This is why an Author’s Blog should be about something other than being an Author. Pets, creative projects, family activities, sports, fun facts, are all great. Mix that up with cool research topics for your current or former books, or interesting ancestors. Location/vacation posts can be fun too, the best blogs are a quick and informative read about something that could interest MANY.

So here’s some pointers about reincarnating a blog:

1. Make a point with your posts, and have fun doing it.  Have a reason for discussing what real men like about wearing a kilt.

2. Do not limit yourself with one message, or theme, as variety is the spice of life.  Can you wax eloquent about spices?

3. Blog posts can evolve with your career as a writer. Or you can pick something in your own home, and tell a story about why Your Globe is always upside down.

4. Less is often more, for connecting with readers. 500 words, once a week, is a doable schedule. This offers lots of time to read, and comment on, other blogs and find more content to share on your own.

5. Standing on a soapbox can create a lot of suds and bubbles. Politics, finances, and religions, often taste like soap. However, the philosophies behind all of the above can be cleansing when presented in refreshing prose.

About Terri Patrick

Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.
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11 Responses to Let’s Consider Reincarnation

  1. J.R.Richardson says:

    Love it Terri! And love your tips! I follow tons of blogs these days and still think they’re the best way to really get to know an author’s personality. XOXO!

  2. Excellent tips, Terri! I’ve bookmarked this post for future reading.

  3. Good post, Terri. You know, I’ve been asking the question as to whether blogs sell books or not, and frankly – I don’t think they do. What I do believe is that they put you in contact with readers. I think it’s about getting your name out there, and once that is accomplished the book sales will follow. I enjoy reading blogs, although I admit to not having a lot of time these days.

  4. Jamie Brazil says:

    Great great great post, Terri. As always, blog with purpose and you’ll never go wrong.

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  6. Rose L. says:

    I have a potpourri of items on my blog. Whatever tickles my fancy, touches, my heart or happens in my life. A way to share and connect.

  7. Absolutely loved this, Terri! I think the problem with attempting to sell via blogs is that it wasn’t meant to do that. Just like Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr and the other 100+ social media platforms are not meant to sell. Anyone who uses it exclusively for that is missing the boat.

    I’ve been blogging for 9 years. Some of those years I blogged in three or four places. Today, I blog in three but I’m cutting it down to two later this Fall. I love it. I love the connections with people and I love the opportunity to “talk” about things I like and to “read” about things I’m interested in learning.

  8. Awesome post, Terri! After being shamed into starting a blog by, oh, I don’t know (looks up at the ceiling and thumbs your direction), it’s actually been a fun experience, even though I don’t have a book for readers to buy.

    There are days when my blog helps me feel like I’m still doing “writerly” things because the words for the WIP aren’t flowing well, and sometimes the simple act of writing the week’s blog helps to loosen up those words.

  9. kathybryson says:

    great suggestions for content! Thank you!

  10. lynncahoon says:

    Reblogged this on lynncahoon and commented:

    Loved this blog from fellow Soul Mate Author, Terri Patrick. Great suggestions for the author as blogger.

  11. Tony Acree says:

    As someone with an address in Blog World, I am greatly relieved to find I won’t be forced off the planet any time soon. I found this post to be informative and witty. I don’t get to say that much, as I must live in Blog World in the Third World area. But I am trying to change my station in Blog World and move up to where the Big People live.

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