Living unconnected—not me.

IMG_0442 What electronics can’t you live without? I’m amazed at how quickly things go from the luxury category to the necessary category. I admit it, what started on my list as a-would-be-nice-to-have, but I can manage without it, is now something I neeeeed. So don’t take away my electronics especially my cell phone, IPod, Kindle, and laptop.

A few days ago, I added the IPad to my collection, which by the way, is currently in the luxury category until I get more accustomed to it. How fast that will happen, I can’t say.

Now, all these things have presented another challenge: how to handle the many power/charging cords. Where do I store them, and how often do I need to use it to charge a particular item? Before I upgraded by cell, I used to charge it every other week, but ever since it got “smart,” I have to charge it every day. If I had a handful of teenagers living here, I’d probably have tread-like tendrils coming from all the wall sockets. I might even consider consulting with an electrician about getting this house “wired” for more convenience in this electronic age. But then, let’s not jump into something we don’t need. Yet.

Love or hate the electronic revolution. I have slowly hopped on the bandwagon, but once on, I’m not about to jump off. And I’m definitely not willing to go back to the era of analog TV where the highest channel number on the dial was 12 even though we had only four channels to choose from. I need my microwave oven, washer and dryer, and HD TV. And all my other stuff that has made my life easier and at the same time more complicated.

I could live in a tent, unconnected, but not for very long—a few days. Maybe. What about you? What can you not live without?

About Diane Pearson

Author of CHAOS AT HIGH ALTITUDE (2012) where turbulence and a handsome hunk get a girl's heart racing more than a near miss at a street intersection.
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4 Responses to Living unconnected—not me.

  1. J.R.Richardson says:

    iPad for sure! LOL I used to refuse to get a black berry – I liked my paper Daytimer SO much… then one day, I caved, thinking, no way am I gonna like this… today I can’t even remember life without my iPhone. Our kids laugh when we tell them we used to go out and play… and socialize… and no online. : ) Love the post Diane! xoxoxox

  2. I don’t have an IPod, so I guess I’m managing without that. Couldn’t make it without the cell phone though. It serves as clock, calendar, timer, reminder, notepad, address book, camera, recorder, email, website checker-upper, you name it and I make the cell phone do it-although I don’t use it as a GPS. Oh, and don’t disconnect me from the AC. 🙂

  3. Way true about the AC. I think it’s 90+ this afternoon, and for Minnesota that’s hot.

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