Finding Our Inner Hero


I had a happy post ready to go this morning, and I wasn’t able to post it. Not with my heart so heavy for the victims and families of the D.C. tragedy.

During days as difficult as yesterday, for our nation and its citizens, it’s easy to see the heroes that we authors feature in novels and short stories. The men who make our hearts flutter and the women who make us aspire to greatness.

But, as I sat waiting for word on one of my loved ones, I thought of a different kind of hero – those people that quietly stand in the shadows providing strength and support to their child, brother, sister, husband or wife, so that they may do their work competently.

I watched one of my closest friends stand, the image of peace and a beacon of love for her resilient Marine as he faced danger. I watched as a wife struggled through an interview in which she described her husband’s injury and the possibility that he may never return home to her, again.

It is in these times that we must support one another, holding each up so that we may continue forward. Our foundation was further shaken yesterday, but in the light of today, we must find our inner hero, along with the strength to carry on.

I am praying for those affected in this tragedy and for each of us as we look for our own sense of security and hope. May our country and our brethren gather the ability to heal today and for the future.

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