Slow and steady…

Since the publication of Son of Thunder, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions: “So, did you pose for the cover picture?”

Son of Thunder

For some reason that question is usually accompanied by a chuckle, but I always answer truthfully: “Well, of course. We saved a ton of money not having to hire a model.”


Then we all have a good laugh.


Seriously, I’m not sure who that is but yeah, I wouldn’t mind looking like that. It’s probably every man’s dream, but the reality is it takes lots of hard work and persistence. I don’t know if I have it in me, but recently my wife signed us both up at a fitness center, and I’m ready to make some changes. A six-pack will be worn, not drunk. Flab will be bashed, and those washboard abs will finally appear . . . or not.

After two weeks of working out I realized it’s a lot like writing a novel. You have to work on it constantly, yet you see very little change on a day to day basis. Some days you feel like you’re even going backwards.

When I start a new writing project, there is so much promise and determination, I tend to dive in and go,go,go. I did the same thing with the fitness center, and it hurt. Like writing a novel, body building isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. A long, slow, pain-filled marathon.

I know in my writing, there are times I’ve deleted whole chapters, and watched the word count on my current work in progress shrink, throwing away days of work because it just wasn’t right. I attended a party this weekend that I am pretty sure undid days of workouts with just one pass at the food table.

Can I do this? Time will tell. After all, I did write a novel, and that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

So, probably not for my next novel, but some day . . . maybe . . . I’ll be that guy with the great abs on the cover of my own novel.

We’ll see.

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7 Responses to Slow and steady…

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  2. lynncahoon says:

    Hey – I’m on the workout path with you. It is a lot like the novel writing path. If you do the work daily in a couple months, you have results. I have a hard time finding the time to do both and have any kind of a life outside of work. But it’s possible.

    Good luck with your fall resolution.

  3. susancmuller says:

    You can do what they do with movie posters – Photoshop your face on a hunky body. That’s a lot like having someone ghostwrite your book. They do that in H’wood, too.

  4. I really enjoyed reading Son of Thunder so that means you’ve got good writing chops, regardless of whose abs are on the cover. 😀

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