The Next Chapter in the Book

Whoohoo! The Nun and the Narc is now in print, and just in time for Christmas sales! Can you guess what my Christmas gift giving will consist of this year?


Yes, my baby has been out in the world since April as an e-book, but the feel of the glossy front cover under my fingers and the breeze the pages create when I rifle them is something I will never get from a Kindle or Nook or from reading a pdf on the computer. Seeing the words bound between two covers feels a lot like seeing my first byline in the newspaper or on a magazine. The feeling is magical! I whooped around the house then unable to keep my gaze off of the front page slot my article got and my name under the word written by. Every article I’ve ever published has been carefully trimmed from the newspapers or magazines and filed away for posterity. I will keep one copy of The Nun and the Narc—well, maybe two, or three—on my shelves to remind me I have reached a long desired accomplishment.

In today’s world where hundreds of books can be stored electronically on a Kindle or Nook or computer, there are still readers and blog sites and reviewers who want “the real book.” (Myself included.) So another round of announcements, hunting new marketing spots, blog touring, giving away the more expensive version of The Nun and the Narc to create buzz, and hopefully lots of book signings where I can meet and greet readers in person will begin.

So, on to the next chapter in the book! I’ve got a lot of work to do!

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8 Responses to The Next Chapter in the Book

  1. Becky Lower says:

    Don’t forget the Goodreads giveaway, Catherine! Now that you have a printed copy, it’s a good way to build an audience. I’ve done it twice, with spectacular results.

  2. I love your stack of books. Congratulations. You might want t sleep with a copy under your pillow for a few nights. Terrific accomplishment.

  3. Congrats Catherine! I couldn’t agree with you more. So much so that I hope to be right where you are in a few months. My Chances trilogy is being released by Red Sage in Sept/Oct (today) and Nov. As much of a thrill as it is to be e-published, there would be something magical about holding your work in your hands. Much success to you!
    Martha O’Suliivan

  4. Jamie Brazil says:

    Congratulations on your books!

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