Cross Genre—Why Has It Taken So Long?

It seems that for years, to satisfy my reading experience, I have needed to purchase two types of book. Romance and science-fiction/fantasy. However, a combination of romance and science-fiction seemed to be something that publishers deemed an unmarketable item. The novel had to be either a romance with science fiction elements, or a science fiction novel with romantic elements.

Why? This is something I could never figure out. I’ve been told it’s because distributors couldn’t pigeon hole it. I’m left scratching my heading thinking, So why can’t you just introduce a new segment for Science Fiction Romance? Fortunately for me, the astute ladies at Soul Mate Publishing recognize that there is a demand for cross genre work, especially of the romance nature.

I love a science fiction/paranormal/thriller/UF/etc adventure with a romance at its heart. To separate the romance from the adventure would diminish the story – and vice versa. It would be like tearing H2O molecules apart. Which is fine if you want hydrogen and oxygen (plus the odd quantum particle), but not if you want water. In the case of cross genre fiction, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

So, how long have you hankered after cross genre romance? Do you scour the net for hours searching for that paranormal-historical-suspense thriller romance?

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I write science fiction/paranormal stories of action, adventure and hot romance.
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8 Responses to Cross Genre—Why Has It Taken So Long?

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  2. annebrocole says:

    Ditto to the above! Love to read/write cross genre romance:)

  3. Isn’t it fantastic that Soul Mate Publishing has a place for cross-genre works and other things that just haven’t fit in elsewhere?! I love the fact that they’ve published some non-traditional inspirationals, like Catherine Castle’s “The Nun & the Narc” and Deanne Wilsted’s “Untangling the Knot”.

  4. kathybryson says:

    I was actually told by one of the bigger publishers that they liked my book, but they wouldn’t know how to sell it. I’m so happy I found SoulMate Publishing who understands all that stuff AND out of the box thinking!

    • I hear that quite a lot, Kathy, and I still shake my head. Are they in business to make money or not? Thank goodness SMP is a forward looking publisher who treat their authors with respect! 🙂

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