No Time for a Wedding

CheckmateFirstMateAs romance novelists, we know the delight of a HEA at the end of a story and sometimes there’s a wedding in the works. Weddings celebrate a life of love followed by the wonder of newlywed bliss. Honeymoon’s are a great way to start a new life together and that’s what I’m missing right now. That feeling of being on a honeymoon with my first novel. I’ve dreamed about it for years. But when the SMP October newsletter arrived and I scrolled through to see what’s new this month, hot damn, there was my novel Checkmate First Mate. Wow! I’m a novelist being promoted by my publisher. Hot damn!

The reason I haven’t had my celebration or honeymoon with this experience is because only One Week Later my little business book, that I wrote with my partner based on our Author Marketing 101 blog, also was published. This wasn’t a soft release with a three month cruise through the land of KDP and Prime readers, it was suddenly everywhere and included a fun frenzy at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Tradeshow. Now this is highly exciting. But I’ve been a business writer for decades and really wanted that transition into novelist.

I’m super happy with my new life as a published author, or will be when I can be creative again. Yet I feel like I missed that wedding and newlywed bliss with my first novel. Instead I had a baby a week later.

I’ve never consider a novel as my baby. I had four babies, and now am expecting my fourth grandbaby in the spring. I know babies are wonderful but they are also a lot of work and can interfere with romance. Romance novels are loving relationships with happy endings. 

I’ll nourish my AM101 baby because it’s already alive. However, I’ve determined that when Checkmate First Mate has finished its ride through the Amazon Prime time, I’m throwing my contemporary romance self a wedding. By then I may even know which book I’ll be writing as my honeymoon novel, then there’s more novels of wedded bliss to consider.

About Terri Patrick

Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.
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1 Response to No Time for a Wedding

  1. Jamie Brazil says:

    The first novel is a honeymoon, you tagged that. Congrats on your very busy playlist these days — and the grandbabies 🙂

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