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I recently learned that Tom Hanks loves typewriters, everything about them, and he has a collection. I will drool over typewriters used as historic displays in storefronts, I will pause in business supply stores and look at the latest version of a typewriter and wonder when I will be able to justify the expense. Not if, but when. Some authors dream of the day when they can afford a trip to… or that $$$ purse… or (insert frivolous dream of your choice). Mine is a typewriter or three.

Some writers create their first draft with pen and paper. I’ve always been a keyboard girl but switched from typewriters to word processing in 1983 and will never go back. In 2003 I needed to be mobile but couldn’t justify the cost or weight of a laptop so I got a PDA and fold-able keyboard. “Docs-To-Go” was the latest and greatest app and I wrote a whole first draft on that tiny devise. Now I have a tablet and Bluetooth keyboard, and will be trying out Goggle Docs.

docs to go 006This trip down memory lane is because I’ve been cleaning out closets. Purging the old, uncluttering, downsizing, and I unearthed that Clio and Keyboard. At first I was nostalgic but then I just marveled at innovation of my typing tools in only ten years, and yet, my writing process still requires one keystroke at a time.

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8 Responses to Typing Tools

  1. J.R.Richardson says:

    Love it Terri! I used to think I’d always be a pen and paper girl but once I tried things out on the computer back in *coughs* somethingorother *coughs* I was hooked. My brain moves too fast for manual writing. lol … I moved over to GDocs last year and have never looked back. I still download copies to my hard drive (just in case) but everything is pretty much golden in Google.

    • I’m a newbie on Google docs but I think it could be the key to my routines. My sister also uses it so I’m glad to know you love it. I’m still in the learning curve of living in the cloud.

  2. kathybryson says:

    It’s amazing the difference the right tools make! My brother gifted me a more current laptop and I had to laugh. It’s only one pound lighter than my old version, but it feels so much better!

    • That what I noticed about the little PDA & keyboard. They were about a pound lighter than the tablet & I have today. But I used to have to wait for the words on the screen to catch up with my typing. LOL!

  3. I also have fond memories of my typewriters and the keyboarding classes I taught during the ;ate 1970s and early 1980s. I still shudder when I see people hunting and pecking at keys, but keyboarding courses are now obsolete. Sign of the times!

  4. I would love to have an old, old typewriter to display in my office, but alas, I don’t. Once I finally got pushed into the computer age, I won’t go back to typewriters. I’m a sloppy typer and love my computer’s auto fixes of transposed letters.

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