Resolving to relax

1-2-3I love this time of year. Making plans, goals, strategies to meet them, it’s all fun for me.  Or at least until someone pokes their eye out. I go until I burn out.  One more post. One more blog. One more chapter. One more chore. Last year I wrote four manuscripts from scratch (not counting short stories), finished one I’d started a few years ago, and started a brand new romance.

This year I made a resolution that one day a week I’d stop. Not run from chore to chore. Take time to watch a movie or read a book. Maybe even take a nap.  As I write this, I’m on my first rest day for 2014.  And I’m writing this blog.

Not a great start. But in my defense, I had two days where I didn’t write a word this week. Another reason I don’t feel like I’m breaking my vow, is because I want to write this. Maybe I’m justifying, but I don’t feel pressured (mostly because this post is set for two weeks from now.)

I’ve already watched a movie today (Admission – LOVED it) and will curl up with a Robyn Carr book in a few minutes, returning to my day of recreation.

What do you do to re-fill the well?


MarriageNotIncludedMarriage Not Included –

Lauren is headed back to school, this time not as a fun loving coed but to achieve her dream of turning the family farm into Idaho’s first Heritage Seed Center. Selling organic produce at the local farmers market, she meets Miles. After an unexpected act of kindness toward her daughter, Lauren agrees to one date.

As a VP and heir apparent to HN Seeds, the family business, Miles unknowingly holds the future of Lauren’s farm in his hands. Lauren’s looking for anything but a romance. She’s got too much on her plate to risk the distraction. But he plays the one card Lauren can’t resist, family. Miles needs Lauren and her daughter to feel at home. And Lauren needs Miles and his large extended family more than she knows. But can she forgive the one betrayal that would ruin all of her plans for the future?

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12 Responses to Resolving to relax

  1. Words to live by, Lynn. If only I (we) could… 2013 was a crazy year for me too! After five years of writing, rejection, repeat, my trilogy was released in Sept/Oct/Nov by Red Sage. Talk about going from 0 to 60! I, too, resolved to slow down this year, read for pleasure again, sleep, etc. As fun as promoting is, as relaxing as reading is or as nice as taking the dog on a LEISURELY walk is, there’s no high like writing. So my WIP pulls me back in. Thanks for the post.

    Martha O’Sullivan

    • lynncahoon says:

      I have to admit the rush of busy calls me. But the issue is are we being busy or fruitful. I’m hoping this will force me to be more fruitful when I’m busy. 🙂

  2. p.m.terrell says:

    I can definitely relate to your blog today! I am under contract for two books a year plus a full-time role as an editor for a publisher, plus founding and chairing the annual Book ‘Em North Carolina Writers Conference. I could easily spend all day every day just answering emails. It becomes daunting and this year I am resolved to putting myself first – whether it’s exercise, better eating, watching a movie, watching the sunset or just gazing at the moon – we really do have to realize we’re not all superwomen and if we don’t take care of ourselves, we’ll soon be in no shape at all to take care of anybody else, either. Let us know how you manage to relax this year!

    • lynncahoon says:

      After my first book sold in 2012 I started running and I don’t think I stopped until Christmas this year. Then I collapsed. I’m hoping taking some time for me will make 2014 better.

  3. Thanks for the timely post, Lynn. 2013 was a whirlwind of a year, and I’m just starting to catch my breath now. I have several resolutions for 2014, among them getting back to yoga and planning at least one “down” day a month.

  4. Beth Carter says:

    I can relate too. I belong to three writers’ groups and write novels and children’s picture books. I could have my head stuck in a screen many hours every day. I was thinking about this yesterday and wondering if I should pledge to write, attend to social media (and marketing) four days a week and take two days off. That would leave one flexible day. It gets to be too much and sometimes we need to reintroduce ourselves to our husbands, take a walk, watch a movie, exercise and breathe!

  5. This is my first year for everything. First time trying to write a novel (a Contemporary Romance), first time managing a blog, it’s even my first year on twitter lol So when I take a time out to just sit and read or watch a movie with the family or just veg I feel guilty because there is so much that I could be doing (finish the novel, meet more authors, write more blog posts, enter into contests, find little writing jobs….). It’s nice to hear that there should be down time, and I know deep down that there should be, but I just can’t help the guilt I feel lol or the pressure to get my work out there. Maybe one day I’ll find the happy medium.

  6. Great post, Lynn! You had an amazingly productive year in 2013, so give yourself a pat on the back for that. You’re right though, it’s good to take a day off every week to do something you want to do–even if it’s writing that brilliant blog post!

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