Do We Deserve a Cold Winter?

 I recently had an email penpal from Maine who claimed that we need a cold icy winter to deserve the spring, when it finally comes. I took umbrage to that. We can’t enjoy the spring unless we’ve earned it, unless we’ve suffered for it? What the heck?

               Well, I can tell my friend one thing at least this year. We’d better have one doozy of a spring if we’re going to go by her theories about weather. We’re due a plethora of daffodils and tulips and the flowering crabapple and magnolia trees had better be dripping with flowers so lush the branches are bowed by the weight. Geez Louise.

What did the residents of northern New Jersey and New York do to deserve Superstorm Sandy? Were they bad? Naughty? This is Old Testament thinking. An eye for an eye and all that. In the same manner, did people in South Carolina or Texas do anything particularly good to warrant their golden spring vistas? Hogwash.

The only way we earn a beautiful spring is through God’s own goodness and bounty on this lovely planet. Winter is winter. It comes every year—some are cold, some are milder. We don’t need to experience any extremes to enjoy a fantastic spring, summer, fall or, yes, winter. (Although I’m not above praying for a hot early spring at this point.)

By the way, on these cold, clear nights we complain about, go outside and look up at the sky. You’ll never see as brilliant a display of heavenly bodies than on a chilly winter night.

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3 Responses to Do We Deserve a Cold Winter?

  1. Thank you from the bottom of heart for reminding us of the tulips, crabapple blossoms, and other beauties to come! In this land of Lake Effect snow where I live, there’s no starlight at night, but the flakes can be just as magical from the vantage point of a cozy living room. –kate w/a katie o’boyle

  2. kathybryson says:

    Nah, you don’t deserve a cold winter! You deserve some hot chocolate! Stay warm!

  3. Well said, Cynthia. I live in Los Angeles. Need I say more. My heart goes out to you all. Here’s warm thoughts and hugs!

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