Let’s meet Rachel and John



Rachel Wilson has committed to work in Cologne, Germany, for one month. Consigned to a tiny apartment, she looks forward to completing her responsibilities so she may explore Europe and begin her new life.

John Viteri is confident as a museum curator but when he arrives at his new job in Germany, he struggles to find God’s plan for his life.

Thrown together will Rachel and John allow God’s providence to guide them or will they choose their own path?


I’ve posted numerous times on the Soul Mate Publishing blog, but I’ve never had the pleasure of discussing my novella, until now. My novella, A Month in Cologne, is due out in April of 2014 and I’m so excited to introduce you to a few of my characters.

Felicia: Today Rachel and John have stopped by for a chat.

John: Thank you for having us, Felicia.

Rachel: Yes, thanks for inviting us.

Felicia: I’m not going to waste any time getting to the point. I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is, how did you two meet?

John: That’s a funny story actually, because we met more than once.

Felicia: Hmm, interesting. I don’t think I understand.

John: I think I’ll hand this one over to Rachel.

Rachel: What John means to say is that we were divinely pushed together on more than one occasion until we realized there was a reason.

Felicia: Care to give more details, John?

John: Nope.

Felicia: Okay, then we’ll move on. The next question I have is what did you two like most about Cologne, Germany?

John and Rachel: The food!

Rachel: it seemed like we were forever eating.

Felicia: Did you have a favorite restaurant?

Rachel: Well it wasn’t exactly a restaurant, but they did serve my favorite food.

Felicia: Which is…

Rachel: Chocolate! The Chocolat Grand Café was absolutely amazing.

Felicia: And you, John?

John: I’m a bit different. I enjoyed our simple picnic in Rheinpark.

Felicia: Rachel, I see a blush on your cheeks. Anything happen at the park that we should know about.

John: We don’t kiss and tell.

Felicia: So something did happen.

Rachel: Maybe. Of course the only way to know for sure is to read our story.

Felicia: I hear your story comes out in April. How do you feel about that?”

Rachel: A tad overwhelmed. I expected to visit Cologne for a month and gain job experience only I received that and so much more.

John: She’s not the only one. I went for a job promotion, and my life changed forever.

Felicia: Will you elaborate? I guess not since you’re both shaking your heads. Well it seems we are out of time. I want to thank Rachel and John for stopping by. I hope you can’t wait to find out what happens during their month in Cologne.



About Felicia Rogers

I'm a writer in multiple genres.
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