10,000 Miles, 10,000 Pages

motorcycleYears ago, when I was learning to ride a motorcycle, a very smart person told me that to become a skilled driver, a person needs to log over 10,000 miles on the odometer. I say the same adage could apply to writers. Instead of the miles, how about 10,000 pages. That’s 20 reams of paper. Or a stack almost three and a half feet tall.

For a pile that high, what would the word count be? 2.5 million? Oh let’s go back to focusing on page counts where the numbers are less intimidating.

So is it possible to become a reasonably skilled writer if a person writes 10,000 pages? What do you think? Should the goal be higher, say 20,000 pages?

I vote for the smaller number, because by my unscientific estimation (also known as wishful thinking) I have 8,987 and a half pages of sundry drivel. And that doesn’t factor in all that went to recycling.

After writing a half page for this blog article, I’m now at 8,988.

About Diane Pearson

Author of CHAOS AT HIGH ALTITUDE (2012) where turbulence and a handsome hunk get a girl's heart racing more than a near miss at a street intersection.
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1 Response to 10,000 Miles, 10,000 Pages

  1. kathybryson says:

    Every bit count! Least that’s what I tell myself when I’ve managed a page or less –

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