What does the author say?

Friday night I was one of five authors invited to a local Meet the Author charity event.  Since the night’s proceeds went to a local no-kill shelter, how could I say no? My pom, Homer, would have bit my ankles.


You’re going to help, aren’t you?

As the night progressed, I found myself answering some of the same questions multiple times.  So I thought I’d share them to prepare other Soul Mate authors for the type of questions you may be asked as you venture out into the wild.

I’ve given you the question and my first off the cuff answer. You know, the thing I wanted to say?  Then I gave you answer number 2 (A#2), the politically correct answer. You can use either one but your mileage may vary.

Q:  Where do you get your ideas? (Number one asked question)

A: There’s a little shop down by the library. They sell ideas by the bucket. Sometimes you have to dig a little to find one that works for the type of book you write, and sometimes their used ideas, but most of the time you can find something that works.


10 ideas, 10 dollars!

A #2: I walked them through the melding of ideas for my first born (The Bull Rider’s Brother) So you see, it all started when a guy I was dating took me to a weekend rodeo. And then I added in the little hot springs that was in a different part of the state and wondered what kind of people lived out in the mountain boonies. And then I applied the piece about write what you know. Finally, a book was born.

Q: Do romance writers try out all the sex scenes? Or is it just fantasy?

A: Funny, no one ever asks me as a mystery writer if I’ve ever killed a person using arsenic.

A #2: Most writers focus on the emotion of the sex scene, the actual process is just choreography or a tab A, slot B process.

Q: Do you know Nora?  Or Stephen King? Or Harlan Coban?

A: I had the three of them over for dinner last week. They are all terrible gossips. Can’t get a rumor out of any of them to save one’s life.

A#2: I’ve seen Nora from afar at a conference. I’ve actually met and talked to Harlan as he’s a friend of a friend. But Stephen King?  I think my tongue would freeze in my mouth if he said hello.


My fan girl moment with Brenda Novak.

Q: How do I get my book published?

A: Practice, practice, practice.

A#2: Funny, this one was the same answer. Write a book. Find a critique group, send it out. Then write another. Rinse and repeat until you get The Call.

What would you ask your favorite author?


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4 Responses to What does the author say?

  1. kathybryson says:

    I love your both answers to the sex scene questions!

  2. C.D. Hersh says:

    Love your answers. One answer we’ve used to the questions about sex scenes is that I say “A gentlemen never tells.”
    On a different note. The most unusual question we’ve been asked was at the Ohioana Book Fair when an individual who obviously was down on their luck asked “Can I have the rest of your sandwich?” Lunch had been provided by the organizers.

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