That’s a Wrap . . . or, not.

I’m a huge fan of outtakes from stories.

I love reading them and I love writing them.

I’m a huge fan of anything really (alternate POVs, outtakes, pasttakes, futuretakes . . . undertakings, which is what I like to call side jobs, or spin offs), that has anything to do with any story (and / or movie) that I fall in love with (and it’s characters).  Sometimes, I just want MORE. All the time. I want the author to write these people (for me). Forever.

Excellent examples are: Jim Butcher’s outtakes (Side Jobs) from his Harry Dresden series and (even though I was heart wrenched over the ending to the series itself) the FOUR outtakes / POVs from Veronica Roth.  More Indie-ish examples (from our very own Soul Mate Publishing authors) would be Aven Ellis’s free shorts that she’s posts on her blog every so often from Connectivity and Anna Bloom’s Ben Chambers POV shorts from her Uni Files series.

It’s a tricky business, these outtakes.  For instance, if you’re writing from one person’s POV and then you give your readers another point of view, maybe they will be disappointed.  Maybe the voice you give that character isn’t what they expected.

My point . . .

14894422-256-k423192This week, I wrote a short prequel type Finnley Pierce POV to Cursed be the Wicked, titled “Dealing with the Dead” and posted it for free on Wattpad.  I personally feel like it can only enhance the readers experience with this story.  To give them an insight to how Finn was dealing with her “assignment” from Maggie Shaw. How her day went leading up to the two of them meeting face to face.  How she was feeling about her abilities at that point in the story.

The fact that I wrote Cursed entirely from one person’s POV – Coop’s – meant that I couldn’t give much away to the reader in terms of how Finn’s mind works.  This short was a fun way for me to explore that on paper so to speak, and to be able to show readers how everything came about.

The problem? Now I’ve spun off additional ideas for other outtakes to Cursed.  I guess I’m simply not done telling Coop and Finn’s story, maybe even Maggie’s. *winks*

I also guess I’m kinda glad it’s not over just yet. : )

What are your thoughts on outtakes / pasttakes / futuretakes / undertakings?  Alternate POVs?

Love them?  Hate them?  Write them?

Tell me.

Jo xoxo 3


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2 Responses to That’s a Wrap . . . or, not.

  1. I haven’t tried short story outtakes. Guess I’ll take a shot at it sometime.

    • J.R.Richardson says:

      Love it Catherine – definitely give it a go – especially if there’s a scene you’d like the reader to know more about or a POV you think they’d love to hear from. 🙂 XOXO!

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