Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon, bless their greedy little hearts, has developed an associate program for authors (and others) called the Amazon Affiliate Program. What this program does, if you join, is to give you a small pittance for everything a shopper buys after they click on your book, short story, website, etc. It’s not much, but can add up if you have several books on Amazon. And the membership is free.

My daughter is a member of the program and she receives approximately $10 per month from it which, of course, she uses to buy more books. She got more per month in the Christmas shopping season because shoppers are buying more merchandise then.

The link for joining the program is Associates: The web’s most popular and successful Affiliate Program. Like I said, it’s not much, but every penny counts and if you have a book take off, clicks on your book link which lead to other purchases, can add up to a decent little pile of change. Better than a kick in the behind, eh?

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  1. Thanks. Every little penny helps!

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