Peaceful Places

Today I’d like to tell you about one of the peaceful places I go for a spot of spirit rejuvenation and dog walking.

It’s called Lake Dennis.



The property on which the lake stands was originally purchased in 1871 by one James Dennis for the purpose of cattle grazing and to plant mango trees. In 1951, James’ grandson built a dam on the property and included a small island in the midst as a bird sanctuary.

Eight days after the completion of the dam, a storm of epic proportions filled it in just four hours. Since that time the dam has never been empty.

In 1968 the property was subdivided, with the lake being retained. Today private properties border most of the lake, though one side is open to public access. We often see Pacific Black Ducks, Hardheads, Australian Wood Ducks, Eurasian Coots, Spoonbills and Australasian Grebes (these are the cutest little tackers!)

And this is the little raspscalion that takes me for a walk, though here she is at the beach.



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I write science fiction/paranormal stories of action, adventure and hot romance.
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