Victoria’s Vignettes, and her introduction

Victoria’s Vignettes

I’m so excited Soul Mate Publishing asked me to join the blog team and post. So I’ll start with an introduction and wave my hand around to say ‘Hi, I’m Victoria Pinder and yes this is my real name for another 38 days.’ Okay please ignore my silliness because my wedding is happening.

dreamstime_xxl_30758857(No that is not me.)

When I wrote The Zoastra Affair, I was not only single, but I assumed I’d never marry. In Miami, there are amazingly hot men that tan and work out everywhere.

However, at the end of the day, I’m not sexy and glamorous as my main objectives in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I love a little makeup once in a while and to feel good about myself. But I love reading, discussing noteworthy events and politics, and I am not a fan of South Beach. I grew up in Boston and I prefer clubs where people dance, not stare at each other all night. So I assumed I’d never marry if I stayed in Miami. Instead I decided to write romance novels, and take care of myself.iStock_000020662391Large

Books aren’t written in 90 days or less. So I stayed home and decided to write, stay single and this was my life for a good three years. Now everything in my life changed starting changing in 2013 and it kept saying 2014 would be the best year ever. Book contracts, soon to be released novels, and now the wedding.bigstock-Champagne-explosion--26595467

Whew. Okay, I’ve over introduced myself now. Anyhow Victoria’s Vignettes is now my blog topic. A vignette is to me is a short descriptive sketch or a brief incident or scene. So my wedding is a the biggest scene I have going right now. Next month it’s back to books and writing, post honeymoon. I’ll be with my soulie sisters in San Antonio for RWA Nationals.

The biggest piece of advice I’d give to any writer is to both volunteer and to show up. It is not enough to simply join a group or subscribe to a yahoo group full of writers. For my local chapter, I run the contest and suddenly now I’m Vice President in charge of programs. I met the Soul Mate editors online from volunteering that I did. I met another editor the same way and now my agent. All were different circumstances, but it was about volunteering. In helping others, you help yourself even more. People see that you work hard, see your name on the emails you send out for invitations or simply see how you clean the tables or bring them water. Editors and agents are not scary individuals (Okay most of them and I’ve yet to meet a true fire breathing one. It would actually be kind of cool.) But I’ve had way more success in the writing career because I will volunteer to help others.

Three of my writing friends from chapter meetings Sheena Snow and Jane Ederlyn also have now signed with Soul Mate Publishing, so yeah. Shout out to them and I hope people read those amazing books. (Three is correct, Jane Ederlyn is a writing duo, first cousins, soul sisters, and best friends.)

Talk to you next month about settings in Miami and in Paris for the upcoming soon to be released book Chaperoning Paris. (As a teacher myself, I feel compelled to state that Gigi has some great students because she’s in fact a terrible chaperone. What chaperone has time to find love? And yes the story is all about the teacher, not the students.)

Talk soon.



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2 Responses to Victoria’s Vignettes, and her introduction

  1. Congratulations! Funny how love finds us when we’re least expecting it!!

  2. Thank you. And I do agree entirely. It happens when we’re not planning on it. I’m excited for next month!!!

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