Preparing for a book release

Hi peeps!

It’s been a busy couple months for me.  I released GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER- Book 1 of the Tourist Trap Mysteries on April 17th, then two weeks later, on April 28th, my last bull rider book was released,     THE BULL RIDER’S KEEPER.

(Just a hint for new authors – that is not enough time in between releases. Even if you think you’re SuperWoman, which apparently, I do. )

Did you know Lois Lane was Superwoman?

Did you know Lois Lane was Superwoman?

Anyway, as I prepare for the print release of my Soulmate book, MARRIAGE NOT INCLUDED, I’m thinking about the things I did that worked, and ones that didn’t.Marriage Not Included copy

First a disclaimer. I don’t believe that any tip or hint words for every book or author. You have to find your stride and do what feels comfortable.  Even when it’s outside your comfort zone.

1-Schedule a blog tour.

Now some people hire this out. And I’ve considered it, but I’ve developed relationships with owners of the blogs I visit and often, the readers. So I do this the old fashion way. I list out the days I want to be on ‘tour’ then start sending emails. The worse that can happen is radio silence, but believe me, blog owners want guests. I can also tailor the stops I make to the book genre I’m promoting. No use sending a sweet contemporary to a blog who’s readers love hot vampires.

2- Get reviews

This is where I tend to fall down. One publisher sent my book to Net Galley which cut this step out almost totally. But usually it’s the same process as above. Write a review query letter, then send out ten a week. Yep, ten. At the end of the month, you’ll have 40 requests out into the universe.  And at least a few will result in reviews.

3-Make appearances

Visit your local bookstores, read at a local coffee shop, set up a talk with the chamber of commerce. Anything to get you and your book out there. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I’ve given several motivational talks on the subject that just happen to circle around to my writing. Does that get me sales?  Who knows.148196_499979306699379_800281165_n

4-Buy limited swag

Be smart here. I have a great coffee cup from an author I’ve never read. And I love getting lip balms. But do I read the books?  Not really.  I gave my Robyn Carr book coasters to my mother in law because we both love Robyn’s books.  I do postcards since I live away from my family. And it gives me something to hand someone I’m talking to about my book.cupcake

Other ideas? What do you do to promote a book?  What’s worked for you?


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2 Responses to Preparing for a book release

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Great suggestions. Those blog tours get time consuming but I know/hope they make a difference. Good point on the reviews. Thanks.

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