The next chapter.

I’m moving.

After 59 years living in the same town, 24 years living in the house I built to raise my family, it’s time to move on. The house is now wrong, and the town is too far from the things that really matter. My wife and I put our house up for sale, and it recently sold. We’ve found a new home in a new town, and I’m very excited about the move.


The new home holds a lot of promise. It’s clean and very empty. Over the past months, anticipating our move, my wife and I have started packing and paring down our stuff. By the end of the month we will be in our new home. We’re bringing some of our old furnishings with us, but also planning on getting new stuff . . . furnishings that fit the new house and the new life.

It feels like starting a new chapter in my writing.

There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes along with the fear and dread when staring at a blank page of a new chapter. Everything is possible at that moment. The perfect opening sentence, a paragraph with real impact, the ability to put words together in a way that actually doesn’t suck, though there’s a distinct possibility the chapter won’t come together the way I first envision it. My characters have a way of taking over.

Living Room

Just like in my new living room. I think I know where all the furniture is going, but once I move in, it may not fit or feel just right. We’ll no doubt need to play with (edit) it a bit before it’s comfortable, and just right for us.

But right now, it’s all bright possibilities, and I can’t wait. There’s even a big, empty, unfinished basement just waiting to be transformed into my ‘Man Cave.’


Work? Sure, there will be plenty of that, but with so many bright possibilities, I can’t wait to dive in, just like when I’m writing.

Yeah, I know this feeling. It’s time for the next chapter.

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16 Responses to The next chapter.

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  2. The new house looks just right for your next chapter! You and your wife (the characters) will make it very special 🙂

  3. Not to mention that the new town is a character itself. Seems friendly enough, but holds deep dark secrets inside? Or like your insurance agent buddy from college, all back slapping superficial with an office full of college memorabilia? Exciting times.

  4. Bev Irwin says:

    Hope the move goes well and you enjoy the new home and location.

  5. Emelle Gamble says:

    Nice post SC Mitchell. Brave move too, good author advice to stretch and challenge yourself with the new. Be afraid, but be. Wishing you all wonderful things in the house and your new work…

  6. shelly551 says:

    I wish you all the best my Friend and writing partner, in your new adventure and in your writing. Moving is good, it replenishes the soul and gives you a new perceptive in things.. Change is good.

  7. The new place looks full of possibilities, Steve! We’ll miss you up north.

  8. C.D. Hersh says:

    We have moved a lot in our lives. The longest we’ve stayed in one house was 18 years. Moving is stressful but fun much like that new book coming out. Enjoy the ride. 🙂

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