Year End Review

I have the distinct pleasure of being the last Soul Mate Publishing author to post for the year of 2014. This has been an extremely busy year for Soul Mate Publishing and for myself. I’ve published fifteen novels/novellas, including A Month in Cologne published by SMP in April. I’ve completed my Wounded Soldiers series, the Andrews Brothers, and Southern Hearts series, and started my western series, The Board. I’ve also contracted the fifth novel in my Renaissance Hearts Series.


I’d love to say I’ve received tons of reviews or that I’ve achieved all my writing goals such as gaining a gazillion readers and making a bazillion dollars, but I guess I will have to save that goal for next year. Although I didn’t reach those pinnacles of achievement, I did maintain my New Year’s Resolution not to download any free books which makes me happy to know I supported authors by buying their work. Also I now have over eleven hundred facebook followers and have made some great friends by sharing a street team with three other inspirational writers. (If you like winning prizes, promoting authors, and reading inspirational novels – including my own books – then ask to join the Inkpot team.) I also helped start a Soul Mate Publishing authors’ group so that SMP authors can help one another with their writing goals.

Overall I’m satisfied with my yearly writing results, sure the sales number could rise, but isn’t that always the case. Which leads me to wonder, did you fulfill all your goals for the year? Let me know where you succeeded and how you plan to make your next year even better.


If you like to read inspirational or clean fiction, try filling your kindle/nook/ereader with a Felicia Rogers original. I hope to see a review from YOU in the future.

About Felicia Rogers

I'm a writer in multiple genres.
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