It’s About A Wedding by Terri Patrick

Tami Lund blog“It’s about a wedding” is a really a great tagline for promoting a romance novel. Weddings are those rite-of-passage celebrations that emphasize our ingrained desires to be connected to someone special regardless of how fulfilled we may be as an individual. This is the backbone of every romance story ever written, or lived.

When I first drafted Checkmate First Mate I chose the activities around a wedding as the plot and pacing structure of my novel. The story spans the three weeks leading up to the event, and the following week as the romantic leads in the story return to ordinary life. Weddings can include a whole cast of characters who invest a lot of emotional energy into that main event, and their effort does not end with a honeymoon. Weddings are also a great setting for the unattached to muse over their desire for, or against, a romantic partnership.

I forgot about the wedding angle as I designed my marketing blurbs when Checkmate First Mate was published. This romance was originally written to be the second book of a trilogy where all the stories had the “wedding” tagline. Making this novel into a stand-alone story means I can’t just rework the other companion stories, and my title for the trilogy doesn’t work for a stand alone. As I’m  currently reshaping the entire world and cast of characters it was a happy coincidence that I saw Tami Lund’s call out to us Soulies for submissions to her Matrimonial March blog posts.

This is the biggest benefit for an author to be connected to, and networking with, others in the genre.

Our email exchange for my participation spawned the idea for an interview of two of the surprise “Wedding Dates.” This was a fun enough twist in my story to make it a solid subplot. Everyone who attends a wedding wants to do so with an escort, especially the maid-of-honor and mother-of-the-bride. In Checkmate First Mate it is the bride who does the most meddling to get her MOH and mom well escorted for the day, and for the photos that will be perused in future decades.

Escorts for the bridal party are a big deal.

Now I’m working on the story about those escorts, a father and daughter who were quite content in their quiet lives until they became caught up in the wedding festivities. Their dates for the event are both global travelers and fluent in multiple languages. Now the wedding is over and hanging around the family owned marina doesn’t feel as fulfilling as it did before that special day. Ha! What had seemed like a solid subplot is now becoming a new novel.

The father and daughter are interviewed by a teenage niece who thinks the escort story is exciting.

Thank you, Tami Lund, for featuring me on your site this month!

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