The Renewal of Spring


I thought long and hard about what to write this time for my blog. So many things went through my head and one theme kept cropping up – spring. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has arrived—on the calendar anyway.

In Northwestern Wisconsin, we had a brief, but delightful week of warm weather. I could feel the dark web of winter sly free with the higher temperatures, bright sunlight, and NO SNOW. It’s all everyone talked about. People wore shorts and flip flops. A few brave, and I say crazy, people even wore tank tops. They smiled, and there was a definite spring to their steps. Local stores started roping off portions of their parking lots for gardening items. You have to understand—it was in the fifties, after all.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We found excuses to be outside. Of course we couldn’t plant or rake or lay in the grass, but our dreams of doing those things seemed more realistic. I kept a close eye on my spring flowers to see if any of them were brave enough to peak through the soil. I started thinking about whether my summer clothes would still fit, and I itched to put out the patio furniture and my planters. I put away my dark, winter bedding and curtains and replace them with bright, cheerful ones.

Everyone knew it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t. We’re back in the 20s (that’s above zero, so we’re making progress), have had snow, and the wind has been ferocious. But the days are getting longer, the birds are returning, and those brave spring flowers are popping up. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

notebook-computers-green-grass-background-42808325What does this have to do with writing? I love to write outside. On the deck, in our boat, while camping—it doesn’t matter as long as it’s outside. With the renewal of spring, comes the renewed interest in starting a new project. I’m ready to shake off story ideas that are set in the winter. I want my characters to swim, boat, hike, and camp. No more sitting in front of fireplaces or watching the snow fall. My characters are even getting excited.

So, from Northern Wisconsin, Happy Spring!


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3 Responses to The Renewal of Spring

  1. Yeah! Welcome Spring! You made me want to dig out my shorts, too.

  2. Oh, my! Here in Southern Ontario we still have snowbanks by the roadside, but the days are sunny and long(er) and I saw a robin yesterday, Hope lives eternal!

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