Countdowns are always fun for example there are:

-57 days until the first day of Summer 

-20 days until my nephew’s seventh birthday 

-149 days until the first day of Autumn

-173 days until Canadian Thanksgiving

-190 days until Halloween 

-216 days until American Thanksgiving

And of course the countdown for all countdowns:

-244 days until Christmas

Why do I always have countdowns you ask? I’m not really sure but for some reason I love to know how many days there are until a big event. I’m sure some psychologists would have a field day with my neurotic need to know but until any of them chime in with their two cents I am going to continue to count down the days. 

My latest and most exciting countdown is five. Five. FIVE!!!!! Only five days until my newest novel is released! I know I know I sound like an excited kid near Christmas using all these exclamation points but the reality is I am! It has taken almost two years to get this novel to where it is and I couldn’t be more happy or proud. 

Sadly in the last two years there have been many bumps along the road that have gotten in the way of working on this novel but the truth is those bumps and roadblocks made me grow as a person and an author. However, growing does not make me stop using exclamation points at will!! (to the dismay of my editor of course)

Anyway on to five (FIVE!!!!!) days from now, do you want to see the cover?! Is it not the coolest cover ever? Okay I’m sure you’ve all seen nice covers but I’m partial to this one being one of the best. It was designed by Ramona Lockwood. Look:

See what I mean? 🙂 

What is the story about, you ask. Well it has a bit a drama and emotion in it but there are also some great funny parts. Well here let me post the blurb, it explains better than I can 😉

A Journey Home

Stephanie Tyler’s sole job is to fly overseas to war torn areas of the world to retrieve and escort the bodies of fallen soldiers back home to the United States. It is a tough and emotional job but she is honored for the privilege. Her duty also helps her to escape her past and her failed marriage.
But those flights have become increasingly more dangerous and she is forced to have a partner accompany her. Much to Stephanie’s surprise and dismay, she is partnered up with her ex-husband, Captain “D.A.” Douglas Aston.
From the moment Captain D.A. enters the scene, he irritates her. It could have something to do with the fact he slept with her best friend while they were married. As they go on several missions together, Stephanie is forced to be courteous and professional with D.A. even though the very sight of him irritates her beyond comprehension.
Then, Stephanie’s cheating, husband stealing, ex-best friend is killed in Afghanistan and Stephanie and D.A. must escort her body home. While executing this difficult duty, a myriad of conflicting emotions makes Stephanie ponder how short life really is . . . and to question her own ability to forgive. 

These characters were a hoot to work with and I loved telling their story almost as much as I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

Happy Saturday!! 

About angelascavone

I am a published author that writes contemporary romantic comedy. I also love to promote other authors.
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4 Responses to Countdowns 

  1. Karen Rossi says:

    That sounds like a book I want to read! Really! I wrote one about forgiveness—not YET published, and one about ex’s getting together—has been accepted!!!! (I love multiple exclamation points, too!!!) Your book combines those two themes. I just have to wait till it’s out in print. Congratulations!!!!!
    Karen Rossi

  2. Great cover! And so touching in today’s world of constant loss. Good luck with your book.

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